In Less than One Month..

We’ll be thawing out from the winter cold in Miami Beach..I can’t wait!

As it was the city that we had our wedding in, South Beach holds many wonderful memories for us..

(I’m pretty sure I couldn’t fit one thigh into that dress now post pregnancy!)

I guess you could call this our “babymoon” even though I don’t because somehow that word bothers me, but that’s what it is I suppose.

The week will begin with me, my sister, my aunt and my mother accompanying my grandmother on a 3 day cruise around the Bahamas and back to Miami to celebrate gramma’s 85th birthday.  Most of us don’t really like cruises, but gramma loves them so it will be a nice way for all of us to spend time together.

We get off the boat Monday, at which point Jeff will join me down in Miami and we’ll spend 3 nights at the Kent hotel (where many of our wedding guests stayed) and take off for the other coast on Thursday to visit Jeff’s dad and his girlfriend and fly back to NY on Saturday.

Short trip yes, but we’re both trying to conserve vacation days for after the baby arrives. All in all Miami beach is a very reasonably priced place for a vacation if you know about cheap but decent places to stay because you don’t need a rental car and the flights from NY are super cheap.

28 days and counting… !

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Penny says:

That is a beautiful picture of you two! :)