Belle & Boo, I Love You

After our trip to visit Gemma in Brooklyn Saturday, we sauntered over to one of those little high-end designer kid stores you find every 2 blocks in Brooklyn and no where else in the world. The kind where a newborn T costs $40 and everyone shopping there has a stroller that costs more than a mortgage payment.

Inspired by the cute clothes but always wanted to find the look for less, I started searching under the term “baby” in Etsy and found the cutest handmade stuff for fabulous prices. Not that I expect anything less from Etsy! I found enough stuff for weeks worth of posts, but today I’m going to start with Belle & Boo, an illustrator selling her prints that I think are just screaming to be framed and hung in the nursery. Her style is so whimsical and enchanting, perfect to instill a sense of wonder in baby:


Sleepwalker,” Don’t they look amazing in white frames?

Elle and the Snow Dove


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