A Revisionist Lullabye

In the shower this morning I started thinking about how very few nursery rhymes I actually know the words to. That got me humming one of the only ones I actually DO know the words to: Rockabye Baby.

Rockabye Baby in the Treetop

When the Wind Blows the Cradle will Rock

When the Bough Breaks the Cradle Will Fall

And Down Will Come Baby, Crade and All..


When I got to the end I dropped my conditioner bottle in horror, what kind of violent tragic crap is that to sing to a baby?

I decided to put my experience as a retired songwriter to use and rewrite an alternate (happy nonviolent) ending:

Rockabye Baby in the Treetop

When the Wind Blows the Cradle will Rock

When the Bough Swings the Cradle will Sway

And Rock Asleep Baby till Break of Day.

Much better don’t you think?

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Alexis says:

At the risk of sounding ridiculous I think the poem is political and that the wind that is breaking the bow is actually an allegory for William of Orange coming to eventually dispose of King James II. The cradle is a metaphorical representation of the House of Stuart monarchy. So in some ways even though it sounds evil it is actually really great because the Stuarts blew!

ariana says:

LOL! That’s so cute about the ABCs.. well since our kid will be going to waldorf (and therefor not learning to read until it’s 8 years old!) I probably should stick with Row Row Row your boat, twinkle twinkle and mary had a little lamb (which are all basically the same song!).

Dawn says:

That’s not the only crazy one the crazy generation of 50’s housewives came up with. I can’t imagine being them without Prozac.

Had to share a funny story. I didn’t realize I didn’t know any lullabies until I was home from the hospital with a hysterical infant. The first thing that came to mind was the ABC song and it worked like a charm. To this day if Noah is freaking out I can hold him and sing this and he quiets down. Thank God I’ve learned more since that day but that will always kind of be “our song”.