The Big U/S is Scheduled!

Wednesday I had my second OB appointment, which was really weird because it was the first time in god knows how long that I’ve been to a Dr.’s office and not had to take my clothes off!

All that happened was that she weighed me and then listened to the heartbeat.  I thought she was at least going to measure my uterus, but no such luck.

The weird thing was that the nurse who weighed me said their scale was off by +5 lbs, and they couldn’t balance it, so they just deducted 5lbs from the weight.. well I weighed 135 on that scale.. which is what I actually weigh according to the scale at my gym, so they wrote me down at 130. For some reason, even though its a lie, that made me feel kinda happy. I had been expecting a weight gain lecture!

The only interesting thing that happened at my appointment is that I got to schedule the anatomy scan (aka “big ultrasound” or sex finding out day) for March 19th. That’s the Wednesday following our little Miami trip, so March is shaping up to be a pretty good month all in all.

I know I need to do a belly shot, hopefully will get around to it this weekend.. I’m verging on looking pregnant and not just pudgy.. but not quite. I’ll let you be the judge.

Have a good weekend!

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ariana says:

I hope so Melanie, right now its just so sloooooooow!

Hi Claudia, glad you delurked :) That’s funny about Miami.. well we used to live in Fort Lauderdale if that counts for anything!

Claudia says:

My due date is 8/28 so I’m a couple of weeks behind you. I found your blog from a “miami mom” search and it turned out you weren’t in Miami, but going on vacation TO Miami. Ha ha.

Either way, I like your blog and your Home blog too. I’m going to stay tuned and stop lurking.

Melanie says:

that’s so weird about your doctor’s scale! i always suspect that one weighs me heavier than the other, but they never admit that they could be off a bit! YAY for scheduling the big U/S! Once you have that, the time will fly by!!