Babbling Babies

My dad has been nagging me since the day the girls were born that we haven’t taken enough videos of them, and sadly, it’s true.

Yesterday I put them in their high chairs and they were being SO cute while they waited for me to prepare their food that I ran to grab the video camera. They aren’t doing anything specifically amazing, just being their delightful little selves, babbling and “talking” to eachother, banging on the high chair trays and in Sasha’s case swaying..

I love these little beings so much it makes my heart ache sometimes..  I must resolve to make more videos of all their adorableness!

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katie says:

ummm yeah this is cute!!! how lucky are they to have each other :) x

Katerina says:

I can’t stand it, they are so cute!!! How do you not munch on their little cheeks all day!?

AmandaG says:

How cute!!! It’s cute how they copied each other. I wonder what they are thinking? Those girls are precious!

jbhat says:

So cute! OMG. I too need to take more videos. I think one reason I don’t these days is that the subject would rather just grab the camera from me and take her OWN videos.