Jasper Singing ABC

I didn’t even knew he knew his ABCs.. I guess they sing it at daycare?

I shot this with the Mark II, I already had my exposure correct because I was taking stills just before he busted out in song so I flipped to live view. I actually missed the best rendition because I forgot to press the record button (doh!) so I had to ask him to do it again. It’s never as good the second time, but it’s still pretty cute.. particularly the “sing with me!” part!

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Karen says:

Oh my, that was so cute and I love the sunflare haze too! How lucky he will be to have this when he is older and he can view it with his own kids!

kari says:

i totally want to sing with him!

happy birthday mama!

jbhat says:

What the heck! Maybe start reciting the multiplication table–you never know, he might join in!


Nakai says:

How cute!!! He’s getting SO big so fast! Too precious! :)