I Am About to Kill You with Cuteness

Don’t say I didn’t warn you..

Jasper Rocking Out from Ariana Falerni on Vimeo.

(no really, you want to click play – yes even if you are at work and your boss is within earshot!)

Jasper is OBSESSED with Sweet Caroline ever since the “Mariachi” singer sang it for another table at our local Mexican Restaurant.  He just picked up his little guitar, started strumming and came out with “Bah Bah Bah” (which is what he calls the song by the way) and as you can see, he has much of the rest of it memorized as well.

His crappy little blue guitar can’t hold tune, but you can see how he strums it .. like he’s been playing for years.

For those of you following my question yesterday about editing my cameras .mov files on a Windows computer, I ended up downloading this free program and converting them to AVIs and then importing them into Windows Movie Maker. It’s times like these that I wish I’d never switched from MAC to Windows after I left college!

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Tracey says:

OMG! I love how he whispers “So good, so good, so good” Absolutely adorable!

ariana says:

Jessica, I took it with my camera (the canon 5D mark II)which shoots GORGEOUS video, as do the canon rebels. It would look even better if I had a mac to process it with, I had to convert these to avi first and they lost alot of quality. The new DSLR cameraa both canon and nikon all have amazing video capablities!

Jessica says:

Could he be any more adorable?? I’m 17 weeks pregnant and saying a prayer that my little one turns out as precious as yours!

I’m wondering if you could share what video camera you took this video with? My husband and I are looking for a new one before the baby is born, and the quality of this video is awesome!

Thanks for sharing!

Sarah says:

Jasper just made me like this song! Adorable! Finn and I watched the video three times in a row, and now he wants a guitar…

Jody says:

That is too, too cute! What a talented young man! You should send that to the Ellen show. She’d love it!! :D

jbhat says:

Watch out, Ariana. The girls are going to be lining up around the block someday. There is something about boys who can sing and play guitar… but in the meantime, before he starts breaking hearts, pretty dang cute!


Barbara says:

Awww! :) LOVE it! I can’t wait until Ryan starts singing! We’re still working on words right now.

Kimberly says:

You’re right, that is just about the cutest thing I’ve EVER heard!!! I especially love the whispered “so good, so good, so good,” at the end! He is precious!
And, as the video began to play, James ran over from across the room and said, “I want to see!” I lifted him onto my lap and asked him if he knew who that was, and he said, “Yes, it’s Jasper!!!” And then he made me play it for him 4 more times. ;)

Crystal says:

AH-mazing!! The propped up foot, the whispered “so good so good” – he’s just adorable!!

ariana says:

@lisa – oops, sorry I think it’s fixed now

@Julie, I bought it from a stand at a fair where they sold hats.. It’s kind of a piece of junk – it won’t hold tune (which drives me crazy since I used to play guitar/sing etc) so I think a “real” little guitar may go on Jasper’s christmas list!

@Kathy, that’s the best part right? I was dying laughing..

Busted says:

OMG that is AWESOME!!! Love Jasper! I especially like how he had those repeat “so good, so good, so good”s down. LOL.

Julie says:

Soo cute! Where did you get the guitar? I keep seeing just the plastic electronic ones for kids.

cynthia says:

Oh my goodness!!!! I actually can’t stand that song and my husband knows it- so it gets sung frequently in my home. But Jasper singing it?!!! I am completely overjoyed. He is so cute and I love the whisper of “so good, so good”

Lisa says:

I tried to use the link you have for the movies but it isn’t working. That is such a cute video and he does look so much older with that hair cut!

cristina says:

ADORABLE!!!!! he is just tooo cute!!!

Alexandria says:

Ok I did die from the cuteness! I love how is foot is all propped up.

ariana says:

Jasper says thanks everyone and wants to know if anyone wants his autograph :)

Stephanie says:

Cute!!!!!! Ginger keeps asking me to hit replay – Jasper has a fan!

Carolyn says:

OMGoodness, he’s so stinkin’ cute! I love his cute little voice :)

Wanderluster says:

ohmigosh, i die. that is toooo cute. sweet caroline is one of my favourite songs too :)

tamsen says:

loved it! what a cute little baby lisp :)

kari says:

omg. seriously! he is too much! that was awesome – i especially liked how he was all “no mommy, i already played the guitar!” cute/smart… and he can sing and play the guitar?
watch out world!

this made my day!

Sara says:

That is super cute. Just to let you know the link to the program that you used to convert the file isn’t working.

Ava says:

Woot! I helped :)
That IS cute. Go Jasper. Singer like mamma?

Brittany says:

Ok, that is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen, makes me want my almost 2 year old to take up the guitar. :)

Glenese says:

So cute!! My one year old little girl was just smiling and dancing to it. She’s made me replay it about 5 times now. :)

kim says:

he is adorable!! My 2 year old daughter loves that song, too!

kendra says:

Too cute!!!

Melissa says:

So sweet! I love it! Glad you were able to capture and convert it!

Fiona says:

Too cute!

Yep, macs are definitely the best. :) Perhaps one day you’ll switch back?

Fiona x

anne marie says:

OMG that is so freaking adorable! consider me dead as a door nail!