Jasper Playing Hoops

He may be short but my baby has skills.. check him out getting three in a row!

So far this is his favorite b’day present, thanks to Auntie Diane and Uncle Peter.

In other news, I finally released my second Wall Display Template set! I posted a discount code “finally” on the facebook fan page for 25% off. I’m going to leave it active for another day in case any becoming-mom readers want to take advantage of the sale.

There’s lots of info on the facebook page about the new set including pictures, video and a few wall posts about how to upgrade from set I to set I&II to get the bonus kitchen template.  Let me know if you have any questions if all of that is a little confusing.

I also added a video on how to use the File > Place method of inserting images into clipping masks, it’s a great trick because it lets you go back and upsize an image if necessary without losing any quality. That’s a good thing to know even if you have no interest in my templates.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Wall Display Templates for Photographers

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Auntie Diane says:

That made my day! So talented.