Hello Again!

Another long absence from the blog, another apology, another excuse!   Seriously though, the second Jasper’s 3rd Birthday party was over, I basically ceased to do anything but work on the the Organic Bloom Frames for my wall guides! It was a lot of work, but I’m really proud of how they came out, and even more pleased by the amazing feedback. I’m not going to go into it too much here because I have a whole FB page and website already devoted to that part of my life – but I did want to explain where I’ve been and someday remember what was going on in this crazy time in my life!

I have so many photos to share, not the least of which are the photos and blog post about Jasper’s party (coming soon!), but for now, for a Friday afternoon, I just want to ramble on about what’s been going on and where I’ve been (and thank you for the concerned emails!)

I’m very sad to report that while this has been a period of great creativity for me, things have NOT been going as well on the pro-creative front.

My second IUI with Gonal F = BFN. But perhaps even more disappointingly, I received word that I will NOT have the generous infertility insurance coverage that I have had in the past. The only option has a 5k limit annually, which is about 1.5 IUIs.  Before you get up in arms, I am WELL aware that most people have no coverage whatsoever, so I know I’ve been lucky. The disappointment stems from the fact that had we started trying for baby #2 earlier, we would have had 100% coverage even for IVF cycles, not to mention the benefit of younger eggs)…so I’m having a hard time not blaming myself for the financial AND emotional predicament we find ourselves in at the moment.

On the other hand, I blame Jasper.

Kidding! – OK, maybe I blame the reflux from keeping me from being emotionally ready to start trying sooner.. but that’s another story.

In the meantime, while we try to figure out the next steps on the quest for baby #2, I certainly can say I’m keeping myself busy.. now that the Organic Bloom wall guides are out there, I need to turn my attention back to my photography business and the busy fall/holiday season, so I’m happy to report there will be some more photography (gasp!) posts coming soon!

In the meantime, I want to leave you with a little video birthday greeting I recorded of Jasper for my sister Roxy’s 30th birthday – I can’t get over how cute his singing is, and the way he says Roxy’s name:

I posted this as much for me as anyone else because I want to remember this sweet little moment later, but I do want to put in a plug for using your DSLRs video if you have it! The difference in quality between your iphone or small video recorder and the video from your DSLR is every bit as evident as the difference between the PHOTOS from your iPhone or point and shoot vs. the DSLR.. so if you have it, don’t be reluctant to use it (like I was for a long time!)  Stepping of my soapbox now ..

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Kimberly says:

Hey there, friend! Glad to see you back… as I haven’t posted anything since July, either… oops! ;-)
Good God, Jasper just keeps getting more gorgeous and adorable… many thoughts and prayers for success in your quest for a baby brother or sister for him. Much love… xoxo

Esther says:

Ariana, my twinkies were still much thinner- 24.5lb each and 37 inches. We’ve always been very thin, always in the 0 percentile for weight and 30-50th (max) for height..Looks like Jasper did a great job gaining weight this year- wasn’t he 25lb at 2 years? We were 20lb!!!!!

Thanks for sharing- it’s always interesting to see..and again, best of luck with everything you are facing regarding the insurance, or lack of, and Bambino #2…It’s not easy at times, it really isn’t- been there, too.

ariana says:

Thank you guys!!! Joanna – I do think it happened the way it did for a reason.. if I’d had two, I’d likely never had time to devote to the other things I’ve “gestated” in the past couple of years. Still, it stings to think I might have waited too long. We’ll see!

Esther, he was 33 lbs, 37.75 inches. According to the pedi that’s about 50% for both.. how does that compare to your boys? People at daycare keep telling me how tall he is, but I keep thinking if he’s 50th percentile he’s obviously average LOL.

Esther says:

so sorry to hear about the insurance stuff…i was an iui patient, too, i can appreciate where you are coming from. even iuis are darn expensive….:(

in the other hand, the video is precious! just curious: do you have jasper’s 3-year stats? you’ve always listed them and our boys were always so similar in size…

take care!

Joanna says:

Best of luck as you figure our your next steps. I feel like I went through your first pregnancy with you (reading your blog that is!) and wow you went through a lot with Jasper’s issues at the time- glad that is all in the past but totally makes sense why you waited. Hard not to second guess yourself – everyone does that but really it sounds like waiting until your ready is a better option. Hope this makes sense and again wishing you the best!

Kristy says:

You (and your stories and updates) have been missed!

ariana says:

Thank you both so much for the warm welcome back! There’s nothing worse than “I’m back!” and then crickets LOL :)

jbhat says:

So glad you posted. I was JUST about to send you a hello email to also check in. : ) I assumed you were busy, but it sounds like you’ve been BUSY. Glad things are going well, and hope the things that are quite where you want them to be will be soon. Crossing my fingers for you.

My god he’s cute. Those curls! Those eyes. Sheesh.


GiGi says:

Glad to hear that being busy is what has kept you away, but oh so glad you are back! And glad you shared Jasper’s video. SO CUTE! I’m sure your sister loves it. :+)