Birthday Gift Suggestions for 2 Year Old?

excuse the crappy iPhone picture!

I’ve been asked so many times what would be a good gift for Jasper for his birthday and I’m kind of lost.. I always say books are great, and  he needs some new bath toys.  I think I want to get him the little tykes basketball set, but that’s all I’ve got!

One thing I know he would love is some sort of play (soft and light – nerf?) helmet, he’s OBSESSED with helmets (see above). It’s funny too because he knows which activities require one: baseball, football, motorcycle.  Whenever he plays one of these things he runs to get that yellow “helmet” which is actually a construction hat that came with another toy and is giant on his head and falls off every time he moves!  Other things he likes are boats & airplanes.. I got really excited when I saw the Lego City airplane toy on TV but then realized it said for 6+ :(

What are you getting your two year old f or what DID you get (or someone else get) your two year old for their birthday that they loved??

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carolyn says:

The learning tower! I had just bought this for my son’s 2 year birthday just before last Christmas, when I added it to your Holiday Gift guide post. Now, eight months later, I can truly say how great it is. He eats breakfast at the counter every morning while I empty the dishwasher. He stands in it and plays in the sink or finger paints on the counter. We bake cookies, muffins, or pancakes on Saturday mornings. It brings him up to “adult” level and makes so many activities possible. He’s grown attached to it and won’t let his baby sister come near it. He spritzes it down with a water sprayer to “clean” it. I can’t imagine living without it now – it has become an essential item like a car seat or stroller.

Bath toys were a huge hit in our house, as were trucks, trucks and more trucks! Haiden’s really into Matchbox-type cars and the accessories that go with them. Trains are pretty fun, too!

Heather says:

A guitar! A giant container of bubbles with various wands? A kite?

Jill says:

I’m just starting to compile a list for Ava’s 2nd birthday so that I can actually give people ideas when they ask (and also so I don’t blank completely when we go shopping for her!). Mr. Potato Head is a huge hit in our house, so I definitely want to get her some more parts. Also anything dress-up and pretend play — hats, props, play kitchen, etc. Playdoh and accessories is another big thing on our list. And, art supplies and an easel — that girl loves to color, paint, and stamp anything!

Alexandria says:

For my sons second birthday he got books, puzzles (which he loves), play doh. We also got him a big playhouse which he loves and more food for his toy grill (HUGE HUGE HUGE hit)

Valerie says:

My friend got her daughter a little play kitchen with play food and the like. They put it near the kitchen and she loves to help out with meal time. It was a huge success.

Sarah says:

My 2 year old would wear his bike helmet all day every single day if we let him. We had to shave his hair to deal wtih the sweaty head. Not pretty. But it makes him happy.
Other than his bike helmet, the hockey gear he got makes him happy daily, but we don’t love being forced to play hockey 24/7. The kit included nets, pucks, sticks (enough for friends), and special goalie gear as a gift from his gramma.
He’d love a trike or scooter but we are holding out for Christmas on that one.
Oh and we got him a kid sized guitar which he also plays daily. Both the hockey gear and guitar were things he pretended he had already (my baskets became nets, his stick became a guitar), so we already knew what he really really wanted.

pam says:

Kimberly – that’s the tricycle my boys have too. It’s great. We got that one (the Roadster) because I was told by another mom of boys that it’s untippable, which is key in my opinion!

Kimberly says:

For James’ 2nd birthday a few weeks ago, he got a sweet shiny red Schwinn tricycle that is so adjustable, it could potentially last until he’s 5! It’s the classic metal with real tires and a wood platform in the back, black streamers on the handles, and the bell that he LOVES to ring. (He also got a plastic red Radio Flyer trike from Grammie and Poppie to keep at their house)… pics on my blog. :)
He also got a Build-a-Bear monkey dressed in Giants gear (“his” favorite team) that he loves, and this three-car-garage toy by Battat ( that he will play endlessly with. He also got some fantastic wood puzzles and books. The new favorite is called The Pout-Pout Fish… soooo cute.

Other favorite toys are the play kitchen, his sandbox, and a Bosch workbench complete with a variety of play tools just like Poppie uses. He LOVES it. Especially the “doofdriver.” ;)

Shane says:

On our list for G is a play kitchen (we’re eyeing the Ikea model). I’ve also been waiting to see when is the right time for a Balance Bike (leaning towards the Smart Gear one from Target.

If you don’t already have them, get some Pool Noodles (the foam things) – dollar store items. They are AMAZING items for play time. G has been playing w/ his stash for over a year now. Bopping on the head, batting, connecting in designs, getting things from under the table. Really, you won’t believe it until you see the kids play with them.

kari says:

We are getting Liam a small bouncy house. When we visited Oregon, my brother had brought one for his girlfriends son, and the boys had a blast. I found this one at Walmart that also has a ball pit for just under $200 and free shipping.

great ideas – as we have 8 – 2 year old bdays coming up this month! (that includes a set of triplets, a set of twins, jasper, ian and liam! August is a busy month!

ariana says:

Kelsey, bear is “bear” :) I know Kari had the same problem with the teeth.. there are these new toddler teeth wipe things out on the market, have you tried those? I can do a mommy SOS for you too.

Pam, tricyle is one we thought of as well.. though he has the plastic one that is OK for now.

Sara, great suggestions!

Aimee says:

We got Cole one of the fisher price digital camera’s. Great because they are drop proof, not so great because they are NOT waterproof and his met it’s fate about 2 months later in the dog bowl. :-( He loved that camera! Now granted it was for his 3rd birthday. Tool sets, nerf basketball, t-ball set, anything to do with wate.

Claudia says:

Elmo is huge in our house right now, so I got JJ a little sesame street playset I found at Target. He also loves puzzles of all kinds, so I think we’ll get him some of those too. He likes playdoh and books and spongebob too. It’s hard because we’ll be in the store and I’ll see a toy that I think he’ll love and when I show it to him, he says “don’t want it!”.

Sara B. says:

I think you said you guys don’t really do tv…the favorite thing in my house right now is Toy Story – both the movies and Buzz and Woody action figures…Marino sleeps with them!

Other favorite things: sticker books, playdoh and playdoh accessories, geometric blocks, felt board/felt animals, Melissa and Doug magnetic bug puzzle, Slinky Malinky books. We got a Little Tykes basketball hoop for his birthday and he loves it. He also got a set of foam hats from Michael’s that are indestructable (he steps on them) and very inexpensive and he plays with them literally numerous times every single day. We also got him a little Plan Toys drum set that he really likes, but I think you already have a drum set.

I also got a few things for him to use for skill building in the coming months: lacing beads, cutting fruit, short to tall puzzle and counting penquins.

pam says:

The boys got a play kitchen for their 2nd birthday, which they still play with a ton. Oh yeah, and tricycles. :)

Kelsey says:

LOVE that he has bear on the motorcycle with him! Does bear have a name?

I don’t have b-day gift suggestions, but I have a Mommy S.O.S. that I’d like to nominate. My 16-month-old son, Drew, HATES having his teeth brushed. We’ve tried various types of tooth brushes and every trick in the book but he flat-out refuses to let his teeth be cleaned. (It’s nearly impossible to pry his mouth open.) Any tips for keeping an obstinate toddler cavity-free?