Jasper’s Two Year Pediatrician Visit

First of all, the stats!

Wt: 27lbs (and five grams, but who even knows what that means?)

Ht: 34.5″ (Does this mean he’ll only be 5’9″ as an adult?)

Head Circumference: 50cm

Which puts him, for the first time in his life squarely in the 50% percentile for height and weight!! Yay! Well, except head size which is 75-90%..must be why he’s such a smartypants :)

I was kind of shocked about both the weight and height, height because he’s always been around 25%, and weight because he barely eats. Which lead to the next interesting discussion with the Pedi: milk intake.

Turns out, Jasper is drinking too much milk. In fact, by our calculations he’s getting about half of his daily caloric intake in the form of Milk. I had suspected this might be a problem with suppressing his appetite, but now it’s confirmed.  I guess I was just so THRILLED that he went from not wanting anything to do with it to actually wanting it that I let it get out of hand.  So we’ll be limiting milk until AFTER all meals are finished and see if that allows his appetite to kick in.

The Pedi also gave me a much needed kick in the pants regarding potty training. He basically said that once you hit 2.5 with boys its hopeless! His advice was to do the whole naked at home for a few days bootcamp thing to get on it NOW.  Sigh. I really don’t know who’s less interested in potty training, me or Jasper LOL! I guess it’s time to get it in gear, so get ready for the fun times to follow..

Lastly, he suggested we say bye bye to paci..which I had also sort of known we should start thinking about.   I’m sort of missing one at this point to be honest!

On another note, I have noticed SUCH a change in Jasper just in the past week. It’s like some sort of “big boy switch” got flipped and I’m living with a tiny adult instead of a baby.   First of all, he started saying “I” instead of “Jasper” as in “I need help Mommy” instead of “Jasper needs help Mommy” etc.  According to Waldorf principles this is a big milestone, and it does feel like an important shift.

He has also become an attention monger.

If I so much as shift my gaze away from him it’s “Look mommy!”, or “I need help Mommy” or more dramatically he’ll lay down on the floor and say “Jasper fell down mommy” (or I fell down lately) because he know we’ll come “pick him up.”

To illustrate what I mean about being a little person, this morning we were eating breakfast and our dog Sammy was outside going to the bathroom and Jasper said “Sammy is outside pooping mommy.. or peeing”.  I had to laugh, imagining the possibilities of what exactly Sammy was doing going through Jasper’s little brain.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard him use OR like that before to offer two different options of possible events. It felt different, like who is this kid I’m having a conversation with and where is my baby boy??

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Kathleen says:

I disagree with a 2 year old being ready for potty. There are some exceptions, but I think most kids are 3 or 4. Anyone I knew of that was 2, has a year of accidents and drama.

I pushed my oldest, and she went back to diapers after a week and stayed in them for a few more months until she announced one morning she wanted a panty (at 3 1/2). So with the twins (who are 20 months younger), I asked every week if they were ready & they said no. A few weeks ago (at 3 1/2) they said yes. They each had one accident and now at week 3, we are done. They are even wiping.

Every kid is different, you may talk to him and he may be on board. He will definitely let you know when is ready!!

Well, I’m definitely NOT an expert since my son is just a month older than Jasper. However, we started potty training a few weeks ago and it’s going really well! We started with naked after bath time when he was corraled by baby gates in our living room with us, his toys and a potty. We just kept telling him to use the potty if he had to go.
After I quit my job at the end of July I started potty-training full time (super-fun way to kick off the new routine, right?). I had him naked-from-the-waist-down for three days while we stayed home. The first day was the learning curve, and the second day he totally got that he needed to be on the potty. The third day went well, too. After that, we did underwear and he had accidents here and there, but overall he’s doing just fine with it and I’m so happy we didn’t wait!

On the flip side, I didn’t realize how much WORK potty training is, and how constricting it is. Those first few days I really felt like we couldn’t leave the house, and now it’s a whole new world of going to the public bathroom a LOT when we’re away from home!

Good luck with whatever you decide! Like all things parenting, there are a multiple answers to every question :)

Stephanie says:

It’s so crazy how quickly these babies go from helpless little blobs to talking and rationalizing little humans. Jasper is so amazing at 2 years, imagine how much better he’s going to get in the upcoming months.

I have no personal experience with and potty training, but I don’t think you should push anything on Jasper just because the Pedi has a timeline for when things become “hopeless.” Jasper has to be physically and developmentally ready for this big boy task.

Michelle says:

I too disagree on the potty training. My son wasn’t potty trained until almost 3 1/2. He’s wasn’t trained on the poop until 4ish.Boys ALWAYS take longer than girls. I would NOT stress about it and only do it when he is READY. Girls are known to be much easier. My DD will be 2 in October and we will start working with her as she has gone on it a few times and she sees her brother doing it. Just as the other moms have said – do NOT worry about it. My DS is VERY smart and he was like – why bother using the potty when I have a diaper. I don’t have time to sit/stand.

I do agree with the pacifier though. My DD uses a little dog stuffed animal as her pacifer and it’s messing her mouth up – per the dentist. We had her weaned for a month or so but she’s back on it due to horrible teething of her molars and vacation. She just started a new room at daycare – the 2’s so I’m going to wait one more week to try and wean again . .. .

Kristy says:

2 is SOOO fun (and crazy at the same time!). I am so glad to hear that Jasper is growing so nicely! I know you were always worried about his lack of eating! Yay for him! We took the paci away from JoJo last summer. It was not fun! I would suggest focusing on one thing at a time. Deal with the paci before you even THINK about potty training. Its just too much to do all at once! As far as the potty training thing, as you know, I started JoJO at 27 months and it went REALLY well! I was shocked because I thought he was a bit young… but for some kids I have heard that young is good because they will protest less. Each kid is different, I am sure that you will follow Jasper’s lead and do whats best for you guys. JoJO is totally potty trained now, which I am amazed at! He only “went” once at Jasper’s birthday :-) Remember when we came to visit and he “went” like 50 times! Good luck with it all! None of it is easy… but its fun.. and amazing to watch them turn into real little kids instead of babies… *sniff*

Jenny says:

P.S. We have a paci that now hangs on the Christmas tree :)

Jenny says:

I too disagree with the potty training. I have two boys one almost 9 and the other 5. The first one, no prob, the second.. well, you can just guess! We started early and he was too busy to give a rip. So I totally stopped until he was ready. The “binks” was another issue and one I DIDN’T even tell my doctor about. He had them all over the house and until he was almost 4 1/2 he held onto one.. then one day I hid it. He was FINE!! I loved that binkie and he would flip it around and talk with it in.. He was the only one who ever used one and it was a sad day when he gave it up. I love seeing Jasper’s pictures with it in.. I actually got a bit teary eyed thinking of mine :)
Put it this way, by the time he goes to kindergarten he will be potty trained and minus the paci! Enjoy it now :)

Laura says:

Happy birthday to Jasper! Loved his birthday pics! Your blogs is one of my faves because my son is close in age to yours (Jeffrey will be 2 next month) and also I’m a graphic designer and enjoy your posts about Photoshop. Anyway, can I ask you how much milk your pedi said Jasper should be consuming per day? Jeffrey barely eats dinner almost everyday, it is so frustrating. And the other day it suddenly dawned on me that maybe we’re giving him too much milk, so it’s ironic that you just wrote about it!

Kimberly says:

I also agree that your Pedi is off-base on potty-training. There’s no “window of opportunity” for PTing… they do it when they’re ready and not a minute before. I’m not even going to start with James until well after baby boy arrives (though we do have a little potty seat for him which I often ask him if he wants to sit on… “NO!”, because I KNOW we’d just have a regression. Especially with this nonsense of back-forth overnights to his dad’s apartment. But the average age for boys to be PT’ed is 3. Don’t worry. (I’m not ready yet either! ;)

James had the huge explosion into using “I” in the month since his birthday too… Jasper’s speech sounds SOOO similar to James’! Again, I wish we could get them together… it would be so fun to see them interact.

As for the paci… if Jasper’s language and speech weren’t where they are, I’d agree on limiting paci use from a developmental perspective… but it’s clearly not inhibiting his speech development, so I don’t think I’d worry soooo much about eliminating it right now, either. Maybe just gradually start limiting it to sleep times, or times when you know he REALLY needs it, then ask him to give it to you for safekeeping in between those times. If he were still on a bottle, that would be a different story…

Susan says:

Hey Ariana…awesome post. Interesting that your pedi suggested potty training so early with Jasper…I guess, seeing as he’s a pediatrician and has had experience with many kids and parents coming in and out of his office (you hope), he’s seen some kind of issues that led him to suggest potty training asap. Whether it will work for you and Jasper, who knows.

Right now, Violet and I are in the middle of naked booty camp. I guess you could say that I lazily started potty training in February of this year when I bought her first potty. Every now and then, we’d sit her on it to eat a snack or watch a show…a couple of times, she peed. I decided that, once our summer travel was over and I could devote days (maybe weeks?) to staying in, we’d really go for it. I think that Violet was ready a while back but I was not up for it. TOOOOO MUCH WORK.

She’s now been naked (except for nap and bedtime) every day and all day since Thursday. It started out pretty slow (for the first 2 days…NOTHING went in the potty) but these last couple of days have been pretty good. 100% on the potty for pooping (WHAT?!) and 50% for peeing. I’m optimistic.

OK…all that just to say that you have to do what works best for YOU. Jasper seems like a smart kid. If you took a laid back approach and did some naked booty camp one weekend, it would probably kill you more than him (soooooooooooo much pee on the floor!). In the end, the thing that pushed me over the edge and made me want to commit to training was how gross the poops get, the bigger they get! haha! Seriously, the highlight of my week was when Violet told me to look in the potty because her poop looked like a snake…oh, motherhood.

pam says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks your pediatrician is nuts when it comes to potty training. My 32 month=olds could.not.care.less.

One day… :)

Sarah says:

Is that true about boys and potty training? My girls were easy, but Jake has no interest. He is 27 months – I hope I am not missing a window!

Good luck – let us know how it goes. :)

Tottums says:

Yeah, I concur with above comments that your pedi is off-base about the whole potty training thing. Jack is juuuuuust now starting to get interested in it, and he’s just 26 months. Our pedi said that boys are slower to get around to it than girls usually are, and that usually by about 30 months they’re ready and willing. Mostly, she wanted to make it clear to me to follow HIS cues and go with them at the point.


Molly says:

I love to read posts like this from you, Ariana, because my son is about 6 months younger than Jasper and has had some of the same issues (food allergies/intolerances (still can’t have dairy, unfortunately), low on the % charts, picky eating). He’s barely at the 15% for height and still only 3% for weight – I hope once he’s two I’m able to say that he’s much closer to 50%. yay for Jasper =).

On the potty training thing – I’ve noticed that kids in daycare seem to be interested a lot sooner than 39 months. My son is in the 1-2 year old room where (of course) there is no talk of potty training, but in the 2-3 room the concept is introduced and the parents who have kids that move into the 2-3 and start using the potty say that it was primarily initiated by the kid…. I guess watching the others?? who knows… i’m sure he’ll be potty trained and paci-free whenever HE’S ready =)

By the way – LOVED the bday pictures!

ariana says:

Well, I have to say that I’m quite relieved hearing you all say that about potty training!!

Wendy says:

After reading that your pedi. said it’s hopeless after 2 1/2 years freaked me out! My son is 27 months and is just NOW showing interest (asking to go potty, sitting on our toilet), etc. I am not the least bit worried about his interest, since half the time he wants to sit on the toilet fully clothed. This weekend he told his aunty he wanted to go potty, of all places at the grocery store. To my surprise he went potty, without me!!! I’m glad to read the other comments on here and know they feel the same way! To each his own :o)

Nakai says:

I love it when the “big boy switch” gets flipped…. its SO cute to see and hear those little people acting so much older. :)

I am also going to jump in here and disagree with your pedi about the potty training thing. Jasper JUST turned 2… most boys aren’t potty trained until they are 3. My oldest, who is now 7, started showing interest around 2.5. You should wait until Jasper shows and interest AND is dry for long stretches of time… such as overnight, otherwise you will just make him resist it and it will become a HUGE battle and it could lead to a complete regression and frequent night wetting. My oldest son was potty trained, for #1, when he was 3 and started doing #2 in the potty consistently a few months later.

If he shows no interest, don’t even try to go down that road yet. If you think he needs to start, take it VERY slow. Just buy some potty books that are age appropriate and start talking about the potty.

Melanie says:

I totally disagree with your pedi about potty training too. If he’s not ready and you push it, it’ll just give him negative feelings toward it and it could be harder and take longer than if you just wait until he is ready! Ultimately, it is your decision though! You can try and just see how he does, and if he’s not ready, just try again later.
Also, I doubt 2 year height doubled gives adult height! If so, Zoe will be 5’8″ which she won’t be with a 5’1″ mama like me!!!

Aimee says:

@anne marie – we had a potty in the bathroom for almost a year before he was potty traine but it got him used to the idea. It really works!

Aimee says:

Ariana – I totally disagree with Jasper’s ped. Our ped told us that the AVERAGE boy potty trains at 39 months. I have seen way too many of my friends force potty training on their boys and it back fires big time. Cole was potty trained at 30 months. It was the easiest thing we have ever done. He knew about the toilet, he knew how to pee on it, we just never pushed the issue. One day (30 months) he says to us “Cole no wear diapers anymore” and he hasn’t since. Sure we had little accidents (nothing major or awful) but not like the problems my friends have with their boys they forced it on. I have never put him in a pull-up. He has not wet the bed once at night. He wears underware to bed at night, no pull-ups. We do not limit his fluid intake at night. he goes to bed with a cup of water because he gets thirsty at night. He he has to pee at night, he comes to get us.

For your own sanity, do not force it on Jasper. I think you will regret it, especially if he is not ready to be potty trained.

anne marie says:

LOL! jasper is REALLY smart. i wouldn’t really agree with your dr. about potty training or the paci thing either. i know several kids who had pacis till they were 3-4 and they are normal well adjusted kids and gave up their paci without fight. but good luck on the potty training. i can’t wait to hear your adventures and tips on it. ashton pats his bottom when he poops to tell us he pooped and i’ve been thinking of getting a potty just so it’s here for him lol.