Happy Second Birthday Jasper!!

Dear Jasper,

Today you are two. Or, “one, two” as you would say it, holding up just one finger from each hand because you can’t yet hold down your two little fingers to make two with one hand:

It seems impossible to me that in just two short years you went from being a little helpless lump to the impish and independent boy that you are today. In some ways it has FLOWN by, but in other ways those “dark ages” seem like, well, ages ago.. the screaming & sleepless nights seem like a bad dream now replaced with playing games, tickle fights and conversations about your day.

Of course there are still traces of that willful baby – some things never change! Like when we were SO excited that you finally learned all your colors, not anticipating that it would mean that you would pick a favorite color (blue) and insist that EVERYTHING must now be blue. Leave it to you to assert your opinion over every new milestone as it comes.

I can’t get you to march to the beat of anyone’s drum but your own (if everyone else at gymboree is doing a group activity I can be sure you’ll want NOTHING to do with it!) but by now I’ve stopped trying. You are your own little soul with your own ideas and as much as mommy wishes you could be a little more cooperative, a little less independent, I know those qualities will serve you we ll some day. I have no doubt that the world will fall at your feet when you put your mind to what it is you want out of life, if for no other reason than that you will not stop until you get what you want!

But most of all you are FUN to be around.

Sometimes because you are trying to be funny or doing something silly, but mostly just being you, or the way you express yourself. I wish I could video the way you talk right now so I can always remember how everything is like a question with the pitch of your voice rising at the end of every sentence (just like you did when you would point and go “eeeeeh??” before you could talk!). Or the way you say certain words, like “chicken uggets” or “Ailey IN in stead of alien, or Oport or airflane or how you still call a phone a “Lolo” (for hello, hello) even though I know you know the correct world for phone.

You are good at pretty much anything you try, you can hit the HELL out a ball with a bat, pedal your tricyle like there’ s no tomorrow, throw and catch and play a mean harmonica, and you can figure ANYTHING out if you just put your mind to it.. there is almost no child safety device you can’t outsmart (outlet covers? I’ll just take them off mom!) or door or latch you can’ t figure out how to open. I should have known there would be trouble when you started being able to twist a top on and off at barely 9 months!

But what people really remark on is your sweet nature. Adults and kids alike love to be around you, because you are curious, interested in people, sweet and mellow (so they tell me!) I can see it now that you are actually starting to play WITH other kids instead of along side. You RARELY steal a toy, are almost always willing to share or offer to share when asked, you never hit or are mean for no reason, you are a sweet boy that draws everyone in around you. Luckily that sweetness still includes a willingness to dole out long hugs to mommy & daddy, snuggles and cuddling before bed and kisses MOST of the time we ask. I think I try to store them up, wary of the day that they won’t be so forthcoming.

As I was preparing this little video for you (because you LOVE Jasper videos!) I was struck by how incredibly much you’ve changed just in the past 4 months, let alone past year. The baby fat neck rolls are gone, the wispy hair, the chubby cheeks. You are a BOY now, and mommy and daddy are so proud of you for everything you do. You may change, every minute, every day, every year but that my dear sweet son will never change.

We love you more than you can ever even imagine..

xoxo Mommy & Daddy

Music Credit: “It’s a Big World” Renee & Jeremy.

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Sarah says:

I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Jasper! He’s such a cutie.

Sarah says:

So sweet! I love the video — and that song is just precious!

kari says:

Happy Birthday Little Dude! We thought about you while we were on vacation, just now getting around to logging on to a computer!
Great video Ari :)
How are the boys 2 already?
and YES, i do believe this is the year they will get together for a playdate!


Farah says:

What a beautiful, beautiful, boy! Happy 2nd birthday Jasper!

Eva says:

Happy birthday Jasper! It’s all gone by so quick!

jbhat says:

You all make such a sweet family. Congratulations to all on achieving 2 full years! Our little one is just one wee year behind Jasper. I wonder if they will ever meet someday??


GiGi says:

Happy birthday to your Big Boy! And happy anniversary to you, Mum! The days may be long, but the years fly by. Hang onto them with all of your heart.

Auntie Diane says:

Happy Birthday Jasper Jack! He is the sweetest.

Daddy says:

I cant believe our little guy is 2. I’ve been wheepy all day. Ive shown the video to everyone at work. Good job baby! He is a lucky little boy to have such great mommy.

ariana says:

Aw thanks babe, he’s very lucky to have you as a daddy too :)

Ava says:

Happy birthday, Dear Jasper! I can’t wait to hear about your next adventures.

And Mommy & Daddy? Good luck this year :)

Sara B. says:

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy! That first picture is absolutely priceless!!

Cathy says:

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jasper!

Dawn says:

Happy Birthday Jasper! It feels like just yesterday we were at Joe’s discussing what you were going to name him! What a beautiful boy he is, I can’t wait to meet him someday!

katie says:

oh my. that has me nearly crying! And I haven’t watched the video yet. You are a great mum. My boy is nearly two and all this hits home.. so hard and so sweetly. thankyou for sharing. Jasper sounds like just the kind person who will appreciate reading this when he is older. x x