Maddox’s 18 month Session

I LOVE when becoming-mom readers book sessions with me… it’s like meeting a long lost friend, which was just how it was when I met Cathy and Maddox.

They had been through some difficult times, and Cathy wanted to document what I think of as finally getting to the light at the end of a dark tunnel.. and so how appropriate that we found the most BEAUTIFUL light to surround him in?

I have to say, it wasn’t easy.  I had this session planned out perfectly in my head, we were going to meet at the Vanderbilt mansion in Poughkeepsie but at the last minute we realized that Chelsea Clinton was getting married in the area.  Thank GOD we figured that one out, we would have been sitting at security checkpoints all day!

After a few hours of furious googling, I found what I THOUGHT was the perfect compromise, an abandoned Westchester mansion who’s grounds were open from dawn ’til dusk.. or so the park’s service website said. Of course, when we got there the sign said it closed at 4pm (it was 6pm at this point). So we missed out on the beautiful garden which was padlocked shut, but we did manage to find some other beautiful spots on the grounds, like the road to the house:

and a brick stairway that was almost as big as a small amphitheater:

This was also the first time I’d used my new (old) turqouise chair outdoors.  You would not believe how hard it is to find a plain old wood chair around here. Seriously, I scoured Craigslist, ebay local, Goodwill and could not find anything like it. Finally, I heard that the Salvation Army store in Portchester had a floor dedicated to furniture which is where I finally found this one (for $7!)

All in all it turned out wonderfully, just as I had planned and the best part was hearing from Cathy how much she and her husband loved the images.. that’s the most rewarding part of doing what I do, and WHY I want to keep doing it as long as I can.

All shots taken with my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 70-200L f/2.8 IS II lens. View more, bigger better on my photography website.

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jbhat says:

I LOVE this. Love love love the one on the brick steps. He’s a cutie, that little one.


Cathy says:

Hi Ariana! You just made me teary eyed yet again by reading your beautiful entry.
I cannot express enough how much these photos mean to us and you captured this point in time so beautifully. I am so happy you found this location… it was truly a memorable experience. Thank you again for bringing us to the “light”!

Lindsey says:

Gorgeous! I just did my son’s 18 month pictures and he was such a wild man! I have a bazillion pictures of him from behind. You did a great job!