Jasper’s Birthday Day

I say Birthday “day” because this is a post about his birthday last Thursday, a post about the party (Saturday) will be next!

Daddy bought Jasper the COOLEST shwinn trikey, red and chrome with flames and a wood ride on board, a bell AND a horn.. and of course, a harley davidson helmet to match:

Later, mommy and mum-mum brought cupcakes that Auntie Alexis (and recent culinary school grad!) made him. Blue of course!!

jasper and his daycare teacher carol

Not sure what the head on the hand was all about, but he looks sort of like “Another birthday mom? Yawn.”

But, I knew he was enjoying himself as soon as he finished his cupcake and started chanting “More, more, more!”

The next two days were filled with furious party preparations.. the party was AMAZING!  Stay tuned for the details!

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Nanny Amy says:

I love that he has his hand on his cheek in those cupcake photos! lol

The party was GREAT! Peyt and I had a blast, she is still talking about it and that gift bag is still keeping her entertained (thank goodness with this crazy weather!)

Stacey says:

Love the curls! Looks like he had a great second birthday!

Susan says:

Happy Birthday to Jasper! Can’t wait to hear about the party!

Kimberly says:

Yay, just like James’ new trike… Isn’t it awesome?
I am anxious to see the party post… knowing you it must have been amazing!

ariana says:

Pam, we have some lucky boys :)

Jill, will definitely let you know, hopefully it’s PLAK worthy LOL!

pam says:

cool! that’s the trike my boys have. :D

can’t wait to see the party, since it was his first birthday party that inspired my boys’ second one. :)

Yay! He is such a big boy :) I can not WAIT to see the party pics. Would love to feature them on Party Like a Kid!