Jasper’s One Year Photo Book!

I never bought a traditional baby book – you know, the ones that have a few blank lines where you put in the date of baby’s first everything?  I had this pie in the sky idea that I would digiscrap my OWN baby book.  I would design it the way I wanted, maybe it would even be cute enough to sell the template.  Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. Bwaaaahahah!  Ah the naivete of the childless…

Enter cousin Alicia.

Dear, sweet, talented and wonderful cousin Alicia (Jeff’s third cousin I believe? Not sure, I’ve seen the family tree but am hopelessly useless with that sort of thing) whose digiscrap skills put mine to shame. That is if I had any digiscrap skills to speak of!

You may think that I exaggerate when I say that it is quite simply the best baby book ever. And you would be wrong.  See:

Click here to view this photo book.

How incredibly lucky are we to have something like this for Jasper?

Alicia, THANK YOU for the time and talent you poured into this project.  We will treasure it always..


Ari, Jeff & Jasper

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jbhat says:

Can she do ours? The one from 4.5 years ago? I could send pics…

I agree that it’s a beautiful collection, and with what she said about your blog being his baby book. Both are going to be so lovely to look back on.


miss b says:

So, so sweet! I especially love the pattern going through the letters in his name on the front cover, so mod:)

ariana says:

miss b, that’s the pattern on the bedding from his nursery! She included little bits of his nursery throughout, the animals from the prints on his wall and the animals from the mobile I made him.. totally amazing.

Alicia says:

Thanks so much for the compliments – but honestly, its just a photo book with the gorgeous photos YOU took and edited and created.

I’ve always considered your blog to be Jasper’s actual “baby book”! All the details, and all your sweet letters to baby Jasper are preserved for eternity right here on your awesome blog for Jasper to browse as he ages!

This year has gone by so fast, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching Jasper grow up right before my eyes thru your blog!


Colleen says:

Wow that is amazing! She did an awesome job! I hope that I managed to make something half that cute when I have my first.

Heather says:

It’s amazing! What an awesome gift!
I started a baby book (ironic that I, in part, design them for a living!), and messed up the months and that was the end of that. Now, i just keep an engagement calendar/diary thinking at SOME point, I will create the best baby book in the world for Jake. Someday…

kari says:

absolutely LOVE this!!!


ariana says:

Yes, we are the luckiest!

Ava, I’ve always had in the back of my mind I’d do a blurb book.. but wondered how it works b/c blog images are 72dpi and not generally good enough for print. Do you replace them all?

Ava says:

Wow! Very, very cool! Jasper is a lucky little man.

For G, I’ve been actually just converting the blog into blog-books (from Blurb.com) and then adding a ton more photos than what’s on the blog. I’m hoping some day he’ll read them and think I’m funny ;p

Joelle says:

So beautiful! You are so lucky to have such a talented friend (who is also family, LUCKY).

Kimberly says:

Wow, wow, wow… how completely awesome! It’s beautiful… how lucky you are to have her and her talents! :)

Heather Hagley (craziheazo) says:

That is awesome! What a wonderful way to remember his amazing first year!!

Pamela Levis says:

Did she make the layouts for the pages herself and put them as full page photos?????? If so, I need to learn how to do that…badly.
Wonderful book. I have not even started working on ours yet. One of these days. We plan on doing one every year. I have used many different sites to do mine so if you ever want info on the different photo book sites, let me know
What a book to treasure.