Happy 11 Months Jasper!

11 month old photoshoot: Taken with my Canon digital rebel xsi, Sigma 30mm f/1.4 Lens at these settings:
SS 1/160th
ISO 100

Dear Jasper,

This 11 month birthday could easily be overlooked standing so close to the big “one” now just a month away.  But how could I not write about all that you have accomplished this past month?

You are now walking of course, but a bit more subtle but no less amazing is that you are understanding words now. If I ask you where your bear is you find him. If I ask you where your shoe or sock is you find them too, and more recently have started trying to put them on (which is so cute because all you succeed in doing is putting them on top of your foot!)

And though you haven’t started talking yet, you have started signing things like diaper, eat, milk and all done. And the pointing..  your little finger is constantly out indicating where you want to go and we obediently bring you there like well trained horses with you at the reigns.

If the last 10 months were about taking things apart, this month has been about trying to put them back together. Like putting your toys into their bin, or putting the top back on the coffee tin we used as a drum.  Your desire to assert your independence also started recently – you twist  and pull your hand out of mine when you run around the house, defying my efforts to protect you from falling on the hard wood floor.

This is also the month where your michevious side began to emerge.. like way you throw food off of your highchair and then shake your head no because you know you are not supposed to.  Or the sneaky way you try to shovel it onto your lap when you think I’m not looking. There’s a bit of a devilish nature lurking behind that little angelic face!

This month your favorite things are swimming, watching Sammy the dog, hugging your stuffed animals, roughhousing with Daddy, blueberries, hot dogs, grapes and french fries.  You also love walking around Grandma & Grandpa’s beautiful yard, reaching out tentatively to touch every plant and flower to discover their texture and the way they tickle your skin.

I am in awe that this month ahead of us is the last of your infancy – the toddler in you is literally running towards becoming a child and not a baby.. and though I wish you would slow down just a little, I am resigned to the fact that taking your time is simply not in your nature. All I can do is to live in the present and celebrate each fleeting moment of your babyhood as it slips away so steadily.

With love always,

Your proud mama.

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Diana says:

Thats great…. What are you doing different? My supply is low :O( today I only left her with one bottle for the day. I dont want to give her formula but I’m afraid she is going to have to have one bottle of formula today :O( I pump 4 times at day at work and all i get is like 8 oz sometimes 10 if I’m lucky…..
How many oz is Jasper eating??? Any suggestions i would really appriciate it.

Eva says:

So glad the nursing is going well, Ariana! I was hoping he’d come around. I’m sort of being forced to pump wean by the daycare because Lauren’s moving into the mini toddler room (12-18 months) and they only give cow’s milk in a sippy. I will not miss that pump one bit! So like Kimberly I’m planning to keep going a bit longer and hope she weans herself.

Kimberly says:

You even have a freezer stash? I am VERY impressed! I haven’t had any reserves in more than 6 months! I don’t plan to wean James, but I do plan to (mostly) stop pumping after his birthday when we introduce regular milk. Then I can still nurse him when we’re together but lose the added burden of pumping. I’m hoping we can carry on like that for at least a few more months until he’s ready to stop nursing (or around 18 months, whichever comes first!) Might that work for you? Or do you think your supply is too sensitive to give up the pump?

ariana says:

Kimberly, actually I was so glad I used the 30mm because he would take the hat off the second I put it on his head… well a second or two later. So it was good to be able to be right next to him so I could put it right back on and try to snap a picture quick until he took it off again!!

Diana, actually it’s been going great recently.. I think he’s been hungrier lately and therefor more willing to wait for let down. I even been able to stop the domperidone and my freezer overfloweth. So now the question is when to ween..? I love breastfeeding so much, but there are so many things I want to be able to do with out worrying about having to pump every three hours!

Diana says:

Happy 11 months Jasper :O) He is adorable. How is the breastfeeding going??

Kimberly says:

Happy 11 months, sweet Jasper! Just one more month… crazy how fast it goes! T-minus 3 days until James’ big 1. What a beautiful photo of your sweet boy, Ariana… His eyes always look so incredible in your pics. I’m so sorry I couldn’t find a bigger hat, but at least this one worked well enough for photos! I’m surprised you didn’t shoot these with your new 85!??!

Keri says:

Happy 11 months Jasper! What a cute picture– love the hat! And, I love your letter. How sweet and sentimental!!

kari says:

Happy Happy 11!
THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ariana says:

Jb, I know! 1 month until his big birthday and just around a month until a pretty big birth “day” for you too!!

jbhat says:

Happy 11 months to both of you. Of course I am totally crying right now too, as usual. When did he get to be such a BOY?