Mommy SOS: What to Drink While Pregnant or Nursing?

Dear Becoming-Mom: I’m pregnant and am not supposed to be drinking too much caffeine, I’m also above the recommended weight gain and don’t want to drink anything with too much sugar/calories.  But I’m so sick of drinking only water, please help!

This topic is also great for nursing moms because we also don’t want to drink too much caffeine and obviously many of us are trying to lose baby weight and also don’t want to drink anything with too many calories.

peachpomegraniteSnapple Red Tea to the rescue!

Finally SOMEONE in the beverage industry realized that iced tea does not have to be super sugary sweet to be appealing.

The snapple Red Tea comes in a large 2 serving jar in several delicious and mildy sweetened flavors such as Mixed Berry Acai, Peach Pomegranite and Mandarin Tangerine.

The “red” comes from the Rooibus, which is a known antioxidant and is naturally decaffeinated.

Other than being caffeine free, it is also sweetened without artificial sweeteners – more good news for the pregnant/nursing mom!

But the absolute best part is that despite being sweetened with sugar it is still relatively low in calories/sugar/carbs.  A 1 cup serving has only 40 calories and 7 grams of carbs/sugars. Compare that to a regular snapple iced tea that weighs in at 110 calories and 28 grams of carbs/sugars per serving.

What did/do you all enjoy drinking while pregnant or nursing?  Let’s face it, there’s only so much water any girl can drink before losing her waterlogged mind!

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Jaimie says:

The part I found frustrating during pregnancy was when I wanted to drink something celebratory – the nonalcoholic options just don’t seem as festive. My husband got quite good at making virgin mojitos (with sparkling water, muddled fresh mint, and lime juice) or I would cut juices with sparkling water, like so many else of you have mentioned.

jbhat, the warnings about caffeine intake during pregnancy vary. I think one caffeinated drink a day is just fine, personally.

erin says:

I also drank sparkling water, especially the flavored ones. Trader Joe’s carries them so cheap and I drank them by the liter-full. Even unflavored sparkling mineral water has enough of a “different” taste, and the bubbles made me feel like I was having a soda without the calorie guilt.

I also drank a ton of milk during my pregnancy… I like milk and drink a lot of it to begin with, but being pregnant really ramped up my craving for milk for some reason.

Jamie says:

Since I had the lovely bonus of being gestational diabetic while living in antepartum at the hospital (where they were super on top of my blood sugar of course) I did a lot of those crystal light drinks!

kari says:

makers mark…. up!


i kinda like sparkling water w/ a splash of the hansens nectar – or like joelle said a spritz of lime.

jbhat says:

Shoot. I have been having a tall nonfat iced latte pretty much every morning for a little caffeine. Apparently there is less caffeine in a shot of espresso than an entire cup of coffee, so I have made it okay in my mind. Plus it’s a nice serving of calcium with that milk.

I just drink filtered water or sparkling water other than that. I guess I’m not a huge fan of flavored drinks in general. Unless they are pinot grigio flavored…which I am avoiding, of course, for now. ~sigh~

ariana says:

Joelle, great tip about the ocean spray.. does it have artificial sweeteners? A drop to flavor water is such a good idea for me.. I never drink enough!

Laurie, I LOVE honest T! The problem for me was finding the decaf flavor – it was harder to come by than the snapple but really yummy. Now that I’m drinking caffeine I love their assam black.

Laurie says:

White Tea is also a good alternative. Honest Tea has some tasty variesties, as does 3D Revolution. Whole Foods also carries something called Glow Mama that is supposed to be tasty with kiwi in it.

Joelle says:

I love water – but agree that after drinking it all day, in and out, I needed a break. Here are some options I use:
– ocean spray has a 5 calorie drop in for your water, it is really good and I couldn’t tell it only had 5 calories
– sparkling water (I know, it is still water), but I add a spritz of lime and it makes me think of drinking a vodka tonic or I add a spritz of cranberry juice to cut the calories, but give me the effect of juice

I’ll be giving the snapple iced tea a try!

Alicia says:

There are some excellent teas available in health food stores (namely “Mommy-to-Be Tea”) which contain stuff that actually primes your body for labor, delivery, and milk production – good for you and baby!