Putting a Lid on It

Thank you for all the wonderful 1st birthday present ideas!

I couldn’t resist posting this little video that so perfectly illustrates the sequences developmental leap that we discussed yesterday.  Not only does Jasper realize that the lid should go on the pot, but he doesn’t stop until he gets it on correctly:

A month ago he would have sat there contentedly banging the lid on the pot just to hear it make some noise..amazing isn’t it?

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molly says:

Amazing, isn’t it! I’m at a loss for birthday presents too. Everyone in my fam keeps talking about what they got him and we look at them like, “Holy crap, they’re gonna out-do his own parents!” I mean, sometimes he wants to play with a toilet paper roll for goodness sakes! So that makes it difficult to decide to get him a really expensive gift because he might just wait until we’re done pissing enough so he can get himself a new cardboard roll to chew on.

ariana says:

Jb, no not cork.. just a kitchen rug from BB&B I believe..or maybe target. I’ll have to ask my mom!

Kari, love the soundtrack, thanks for the link! I had forgotten all about the Squirrel Nut Zippers!

kari says:

here is my musical inspiration for Jasper this weekend!



jbhat says:

made OF cork, that is.

jbhat says:

Oh my goodness. What a perfectionist! Watching moments like that makes me extra glad that I am having another little one soon. Developmental stages are so incredibly interesting and amazing. I will need to be better about documenting them too, so I can go back and watch later. You’ve been so good about it…I think we were too stunned and amazed to remember to grab the cameras.

Also: are those nice mats made or cork? It looks like they are. What a good idea!

Kimberly says:

What a great clip… totally made me smile!

HamiHarri says:

He’s a smart little cookie, that one.

Alicia says:

Jasper is seriously waaaaaay off the charts intelligent!