He’s Got Skillz

I took so many photos of Jasper this weekend that I wanted to share but haven’t had time to edit them properly so a video will have to do!

My dad reminded me that I should be taking more videos of Jasper walking before he gets too good at it so we remember what his little wobbly walk looked like.  Jasper was happy to oblige, and even added in two bonus skills: Doing the baby sign for “eat” (hand to mouth) and demonstrating his understanding of sequences by putting the comb on his hair.

The crazy thing is that he understands EVERYTHING now. If I say “Jasper go get the monkey book” he will actually go and get it and bring it back to me. If I say “Jasper, where are your shoes?” he does the same thing! I’ve actually found myself starting to spell things already.. things like S-I-P-P-Y, because if I mention the word while he’s in his highchair still eating he stops and goes CRAZY until I give it to him!

I guess it’s all downhill from here..


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Claudia says:

I’m a little late watching this video, but what a great walker you have (and this was in July!). Jordan is still only taking about 5 steps at a time and then he sits and crawls instead. Oh well, eventually he’ll do it.

Rachel says:

that’s funny we spell EVERYTHING in our house! I think my sitter things I’m nuts :) (for the three y.o. not bright!)

ariana says:

Sarah, yes, I think about a month! I think their little brains/bodies are on Turbo at this point. God help us!

Samm, yesterday Jasper stopped mid meal and reached his hand out towards something across the kitchen.. sure enough his sippy was in the drain board and he’d spotted it and refused to keep eating until I gave him some water. I hate that he has a little temper tantrum until I give him what he wants, but it’s also so cool to have him basically ask for something outright!

Samm Ivri says:

I am equally in awe of all the stuff they understand. A few short months ago they were completely oblivious to the world. ANd now they can communicate what they want. Its really amazing. I love seeing this progress.

Sarah says:

Amazing! Jasper is a little over seven weeks older than Finn, and although Finn’s been cruising for some time and is now starting to “free-stand” for a few seconds at a time, I can’t imagine him walking all over the place like that! I remember your “first steps” video, though — was it about a month ago? Has he really changed so much in just one month? It’s pretty incredible.

Kate says:

Ariana, you have the cutest baby EVER!!! I love him!!!

Sarah says:

My oh my look at him go!! The world is no enough! He is just too cute. Love how he shuts the door too!
Kaity is getting there. She walked across the kitchen today! I was thrilled!! She is SO much more busier than the boys were.

jbhat says:

He is so glad to be out of that containment system, I can tell. What a doll he is, and yes, good advice from your dad. Jasper will love viewing these images of himself soon, if he doesn’t already.

Hope it’s going well for you in all other life areas as well.

Pink says:

Hilarious!!! FUN TIMES!

Alicia says:

Oooohhh – those are some mad skillz! He is just too smart. Can’t wait to see the photos!

Kimberly says:

So cute! He’s walking really well already!!! James also loves to “comb” his hair, and he’s signing all done when he doesn’t want to eat anymore. Kind of invented his own sign. :) I love your video clips!

ariana says:

Lou, before you know it he’ll be running around the house!

Pamela, I love signing – jasper does all done, eat and diaper but not more yet. Our daycare does them too which I’m so happy for.

Pamela Levis says:

He is way too cute. Mine just signed “more” and has been doing it all week. We started really late b/c he is not talking yet. We are now working on “eat” and “all done”. Luckily the daycare we are registering him for does sign language so that will help a bunch I am sure. They grow up way too fast.

He’s brilliant! I just love watching him.

And my goodness, I still can’t believe he’s walking. We saw our friend Sofi over the weekend, and she’s walking as well. It’s just shocking to me that these tiny babies are walking. Mostly because it means mine will be walking one day, too.