Jasper the Easter Bunny

Oh my, so much to post I don't even know where to begin... First there are these Easter pictures of Jasper. There are so many that they need their own post. Then, there is how much I am LOVING my new Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens and the story of why I got it (will be a separate post).

Jasper’s First Military Crawl

And I even caught it on video!

I’d say we are just days away from a frantic crash course in babyproofing.

In response to my last post, the STTN was, sadly, a one-time thing.  The last two nights he’s woken …

And the Worst Mom of the Year Award Goes to..

cute hat

Mom, you suck.

Today was an all time mommhood low.. I locked myself out of the house with Jasper inside!!!!

Words cannot even describe the panic I felt as I returned from the car I had just started and turned …

Jasper’s First Drink at a Bar..

Yes, we like to start ’em young!

Our overnight trip to Brooklyn required a stop at Irving Plaza so Daddy could pick up tickets to see the Drop Kick Murphys. The detour was the perfect excuse to drop by the …

Photoshop Actions & A Crochet Birthday Hat!

Last time I posted about crochet I was still looking for a good crochet hat pattern to use for my friend’s daughter Gemma. Commenter Lucy was kind enough to point me to Ravelry.com and even send me some great patterns. …

The Big Boy Carseat

Jasper still technically had 2.5″ to go before growing out of the height limit of his Graco Snugride Lotus carseat, but because he is long in the torso the crotch snap was uncomfortably tight. I found myself wincing every time …