It’s So Good to Be Bad

You don’t need to watch the whole thing ( it’s pretty long)  but notice how when attempting to motivate Jasper with something he is allowed to play with (like the place mat from Ikea – his new favorite toy!) he is mildly interested in crawling.

But give him something he is NOT supposed to play with like the curtains..

and he BEELINES for them!

I think we have a little trouble maker on our hands.

Oh, and that fuzzy pink thing in the foreground of the first video? My dad’s finger. Also, that little fake “cough” he does? He does that ALL THE TIME.

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Michele says:

Hey Ari – that is so cute! Leo is exactly the same way. Whether it was crawling, walking or now running – you can always tell how high value (dangerous) the item he’s headed towards is, by how fast he’s going!

omgosh this video is so freaking cute. i love how he kicks his legs and does the huffing noise when he is excited. jasper=cutie patootie

ariana says:

LOL Claudia, that’s what I always say! Jeff thinks I’m crazy. I do, however, take some satisfaction in the fact that he is the youngest baby in his daycare room and the first to crawl! There is an almost 1 year old (but she’s a bit of an extreme case and they are working with a therapist)and two others that are from 1 – 4 weeks older and he’s still the first. My little boy wonder ;)

Farah, how funny. I am also amazed at how he seems to think NO is a funny word too when it doesn’t seem he recognizes that words have meaning yet!

Claudia says:

“obviously he’s an athlete and a genius”

Farah says:

We are at 9 months and cords are the Fav. Actually anything that could cause potential harm is the best.

Babyproofing is a neverending task. My child thinks “no” is a hilarious word. No brings on huge giggles. Austin also has that fake cough. Had it since he was 2 months.

Good luck once they start moving.

Melanie says:

Zoe is the same way! Can’t lure her with a toy, but she’ll go for the TV remote in a second! She also is still crawling just like Jasper is, army style, I guess she’s not gonna regular crawl at all!

kari says:

he is cruising!
It’s amazing how young the instinct for the forbidden kicks in!

how did the babyproofing go?