New Brown Hat

You would think that Jasper would appreciate the new brown wool hat that mommy lovingly crocheted him with her own two hands… And you would be wrong. Very very wrong:


Need I say more?

I did manage to distract him long enough to put the hat back on (after he pulled it off as if it were a medieval torture device.. hey, it does kind of look medieval doesn’t it? Sort of  like he belongs on the Life of Brian!) and take a few more pics. Just enough to make me feel like it wasn’t a total waste of time and effort.


Shot with my Digital Rebel
Sigma 30mm 1.4 Lens at these settings:
F 1.4 (wide open baby!)
Shutter speed 1/100
ISO 800

Image editing in Adobe Lightroom.
Babe Magnet Onesie from Old Navy.
Free crochet pattern from Crafty Rah Rah’s Blog.

In other news, Jasper had a low grade fever when I went to pick him up from Daycare last night! 100.4, nothing to be concerned about, but it does exlain his increased fussiness the last few days.

We were trying to figure out if it’s teething or an ear infection…

Teething makes sense because a) it’s about time he got a tooth! b) he’s been biting Sophie so hard lately I’m amazed she hasn’t busted a hole!

Ear infection makes sense because he’s had a really stuffed/runny/snotty nose for almost two weeks now. From what I understand ear infections usually follow a cold or something.

The other symtpom is a lack of apetite, which could actually be attributed to either of these. I didn’t even realize he had a lack of appetite until I bothered to actuallly READ those little reports that daycare gives me every day of how much he drank when, when  he had his diapers changed etc.  I don’t usually look at the amount he ate because he ALWAYS eats his whole bottle. But yesterday I noticed he only had about half of his bottles, and then I looked at the day before and it was the same thing.

Whoa, how long has THIS been going on?

This would actually explain the fact that I’m experiencing a huge dip in supply. I’m pumping half what I normally do (on a good day). If he’s been taking in a lot less than normal I guess I have my reason.

I started eating oatmeal in the mornings, trying to drink more water and a couple cups of mother’s milk tea a day. I have a call into my lactation consultant too, I’d like to know how many oz he’s getting now.

Ugh, just when everything seemed to be going so well!

We have an appointment with the pediatrician’s nurse practitioner this afternoon at 3:00. I just want her to look in his ears so I can at least have an idea if it’s an ear infection or not.

If not I guess it’s teething.. but I don’t feel or see anything on his gumline. Is it normal to have such accute symptoms like fever and appetite loss if he’s not actively cutting a tooth?

I’d appreciate any insight, I’m clueless about both ear infections and teeth coming in.

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ariana says:

Kari – Jasper seems to like the frozen banana, how did Liam like it?

Meggin, Jasper has been eating the quinoa for about a month now and is a very regular once a day pooper again :)

Meggin says:

Kirk is finally off his reflux medicine (for 2 weeks). He has eaten banana, apple, pear, winter squash and earth’s best rice cereal. I was nervous about him being constipated but it has been the opposite, we had the biggest blowout ever 2 days ago!! Let me know Jasper does with the quoinna. I have been too scared to try anything else?

kari says:

awwweee teething!
not fun, but beats an ear infection any day!
i bought one of those mesh things too – but haven’t used it yet. i have a peeled, halved, frozen banana in the freezer – i will try it tonight and let you know if its a hit.

Angela says:

Drool, lack of appetite, increased chewing, slight fever, runny stools and disrupted sleep…sure sign of teeth to come.

snotty nose, congestion, disrupted sleep, fussy while awake and a fever that spikes at night or after medicine is given…sure sign of ear infection. They say to that kids will pull on their ear, but neither of my boys do that.

Kimberly says:

Definitely sounds like teething… except for the fever part. That could indicate an ear infection – it’s worth ruling out. Beautiful hat, beautiful boy! Wish I could knit/crochet, or something. And one of these days I really am going to figure out all the bells and whistles on my Canon EOS D40, not to mention the associated software (Did your Rebel come with editing software too? I’m wondering if it will suffice, or if I’m going to need to get some Adobe)… in the meantime, I really enjoy your photo tips! :)

Sara says:

Yay for teeth! And an answer to Jasper’s behavior lately. Noah’s on tooth #6 (!!!) and four out of six have made their appearance in the past month. Suffice to say that he’s been a bit of a bear lately. Keep an eye out for the “matching” tooth…Noah’s bottom two came in within a week of each other.

To help him out, I took a washcloth, knotted it, soaked it in cold water and then put it in the fridge for a while. Noah likes to gnaw on the cold, wet knot part.

ariana says:

Lelu, I hope he feels better soon!

Sarah, I just tried an ice cube. No go. I think he doesn’t like the mesh itself! I’ll keep trying. I had NO idea about the tooth but since the nurse showed me now I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.

Jbhat, not off topic at all.. I actually had been telling everyone that Jasper had become more demanding and less easy going over the past week. I thought it was a personality change, now I think he’s just been uncomfortable poor guy!

jbhat says:

This may be sort of off-topic, but my husband and I always realized after the fact that when our kiddo seemed grumpy or fussy or otherwise out of sorts that he was doing lots of physical growing. We’d notice all of the sudden that clothes wouldn’t fit anymore and then go Ohh! So that’s why he’s been so cranky/not sleeping/etc. It seemed that during periods of more “intellectual” or developmental growth that he’d be way more easy going.

Teething was always a mystery to me though. I, for one, am glad that we don’t really remember that ourselves when we are older. It must be really uncomfortable.

sarah says:

I just stick a plain old ice cube in the mesh feeder. ds goes nuts! I have also heard frozen peaches work well too!
Good luck! Jasper and alex are just days apart and I have yet to see teeth with alex either. we shall see!
Good luck again!

lelu says:

My kids always have a runny nose when they are teething along with everything else. It’s hard to tell the difference when the symptoms are so similar. Glad to hear Jasper doesn’t have an ear infection. My baby is suffering through his first one. I put chilled cantelope or honeydew in the mesh feeder. Kind of messy but super yummy!

ariana says:

Back from the pedi.. y’all were right! He’s cutting a tooth. She used a tongue depressor and pulled down and showed me he’s got those black/red blood blister things poor little guy! Stopped at BRU to pick up some stuff including a mesh feeder. I filled it with frozen peas. Jasper was not impressed! What do you guys put in there?

ariana says:

You guys are the best! I’m so glad to hear this is normal teething behavior… It’s sooo unlike him not to drink every last drop of his bottles (or boobs, but who knows with those how much he’s getting.)

I just hope my supply rebounds when he’s ready.

Farah says:

Jasper can teeth for months and not have a tooth to show for it. I have always noticed my sons gumline turns a weird shade of pink or really white and very puffy. It does sound alot like our teething issues. My son’s fluid intake dropped to 1/2 of what it normally was before the teething.

Maggie says:

interested in responses…eddie is doing the exact same things…even the 100.4 temp this morning and chewing sophie like crazy. good luck to us both! :)

MrsTotty says:

Teething teething teething. Jack always cuts way back on both his bottles and solids when he’s got a tooth coming in … that’s how I know to prepare myself mentaly :)