If this isn’t Love..

I don’t know what is.

Shot with my Digital Rebel
Sigma 30mm 1.4 Lens at these settings:
F 2.0
Shutter speed 1/60
ISO 200.

Image editing in Adobe Lightroom.

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This is simply an amazing photo! Love it!

ariana says:

Kari, I hope you get your hands on a proper camera as you say because your Lima Bean is too cute for a point and shoot. Um yes, I’m aware that was a very bad rhyme.

LOL Totty, I didn’t think you were stalking me – just wanted to know if there could possibly be 2 Tottys. Clearly there can only be one! FYI if you are a Costco member (or know someone who is) there is a $30 off Elements in the current coupon booklet. Hope that helps!

MrsTotty says:

Haha, yes, I am ‘Totty’ from the Nest … I promise I’m not stalking you! Thanks for the info … I’m going to download Elements ASAP :)

kari says:

its love… its love…for sure its love, and its adorable and sexy and perfect all at the same time!
ps – i love your new photography wish list! i am still without proper camera… and have been doing a lot of dreaming myself!

ariana says:

Jules, that’s a tough one. It sort of depends on how many pictures you take really. The thing about lightroom is that you can perform the same action on a whole set of photos like say change the white balance, or apply a vignette, or lighten up the skin tones in one fell swoop. It has cut down the time I spend in photoshop so much.. which is good and bad, because I love to fiddle in photoshop, but like you I’m indecisive! So I could spend hours on one photo and then what about the other ones I like from that shoot? I can drag and drop adjustment layers from one to the other but it ends up taking me forever.

Lightroom is just so practical for importing, organizing, editing and exporting lots of image etc. But if you aren’t taking tons of pictures all the time and just want to be able to use a few actions I’d say CS4.

To answer your questions about lightroom, there aren’t “actions” but there are “presets” which are very similar (but maybe not as abundantly available as PS actions).

I think again it’s all about volume. If you handle tons of images all the time and need a great tool to edit AND organize then lightroom. Oh, and also it’s really designed to be a RAW image editor, even though it can do JPGs. I just wanted to throw that out there because I don’t know what kind of camera you have or if you shoot in RAW.

Better yet, why not download the free trials of both and see which you like?

Jules says:

You are such a talented photographer! I LOVE this picture. Thanks for including the details, like lens, camera, and software. That helps!

I only have PS Elements. Now that you love adobe so much, do you think it’s worth it for me to buy one, the other, or both? I bet those actions aren’t available for adobe light room, correct?

ariana says:

MrsTotty, are you Totty from the nest (bump?) OK, so I have elements installed on my computer but have never really used it. I just looked it over and at first glance you should be able to do everything I’ve talked about in my tutorials thus far. It’s going to give you a lot of functionality for the money. The only area I think it will be limiting eventually is if you want to use free or paid “actions”. So like the Pioneer woman actions I blogged about are free and wonderful, but they only work with Photoshop and not Elements. But for everything else I think Elements will probably give you more than what you need!

Jbhat, anytime you are in NY I’d be thrilled to take your portraits :)

Marybeth, thanks! Its funny because those actually ARE Jasper’s PJs and I was just thinking if people notice that he’s ALWAYS in those (he was in the same ones for the military crawl video).

I’m glad you like the photo details.. I figured I like to see them so if I include them other people might find them useful too.

Angie, ack, you caught me! I’m going to try to work up a new one for this week. The truth is I’ve become obsessed with Adobe Lightroom lately for editing and haven’t being paying as much attention to photoshop, but now that I know someone cares I’ll put my thinking cap on and get to work on a new tutorial!

Angie says:

Cute! What happened to phototshop friday?

Adorable! You always have Jasper in the cutest clothes! My LO is always in pajamas.

I love that you’re including the photograph details now. I’m not a photographer at all, but my husband loves his SLR…I’m sending him here for tips!

jbhat says:

I wish we could be next door neighbors because a) I think you are super nice and probably lots of fun to hang out with, and b) you could take our pictures too. Your guys look amazing, and you can definitely tell it’s love.

MrsTotty says:

Hi! I am a follower of your blog and LOVE all the photo tips you provide. I am just starting out learning how to use my new 50mm 1.8 lens for my Nikon D40 … and am thinking I would like a piece of software to help me start editing. I want to be able to do that ‘eye’ trick that you do so well, and also maybe play around with other aspects of lighting. I am VERY much a novice and $ is an issue. Do you think Adobe Elements would work for my initial needs? Or do you think I should just bite the big one and just by Photoshop? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!