Teething Hell




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F 2.5
Shutter speed 1/80th
ISO 200.
Backdrop: upholstery weight fabric on clearance from Joannes.

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Taking the images above were the only bright spot of an otherwise hellish weekend.

I don’t know what rock  I’ve been living under, but I had NO idea that cutting teeth would be this awful.

I now have a theory that new parents live in denial about the challenging stages that lie ahead every bit as much as we get amnesia about the ones that have passed… what else can explain the fact that I wasn’t terrified of teething? And I truly believe it’s better that way.

Because let me tell you, had I even had the slightest idea it would be this bad I would have been up every night worrying about it since he started drooling and putting everything in his mouth that wasn’t nailed down.

So this has been our last 3 days:

Me: Here Jasper, maybe your favorite toy the piano will cheer you up..

Jasper: eeeeh eeeeh eeeeh eeeeh

Me: OK, how about the new cell phone toy..

Jasper: eeeeh eeeeh eeeeh eeeeh

Me: Hmm, not feelign the toys huh? How bout some milk?

Jasper: eeeeh eeeeh eeeeh eeeeh

Me: Ok, you’re not hungry…put these cold teething toys from the refrigerator in your mouth..

Jasper (turning his head away): eeeeh eeeeh eeeeh eeeeh

You get the picture.

It’s been one constant whine. I seriously have not been able to put him down!

In desperation I called one of my girlfriends Tracy, mother of a 1 year old.

Me: “You didn’t tell me I should put him up for adoption before his first tooth started to come in”

Tracy: “Uh huh, It’s like where did my sweet baby go and who is this asshole that’s now in her place?”

Poor Jasper, I feel absolutely horrible for him, as hard as this is for me I know it’s ten times harder on him. It’s just then I’ve been alone at home with him for three days straight and I’m seriously about to lose my mind. I actually counted the minutes until every nap and bedtime and will never be happier to drop him off at daycare this morning.

I can’t believe I’m saying that! I must be the word’s worst mommy!

The worst part is that NOTHING I’m doing seems to be helping. He doesn’t like the mesh feeder, he doesn’t like the cold toys, he doesn’t  like the teething tablets, he HATES oragel. Tylenol didn’t seem to have any effect. The only thing that seems to offer any sort of relief is Motrin. And I use the word “relief” loosely, as in there was a 15 minute period where he only whined for about 2/3 the time instead of the entire time.

I take that back. Maybe the real worst part is that I can’t even really see what’s going on in there.  Every time I try to look he sticks his tongue out and/or does a raspberry in protest. I did see the blood blisters back on Wednesday, but haven’t seen them since and he won’t let me in there to get a good look. It’s very frustrating to not know if we’re even making progress towards the magic moment of break through!

So please, give me your failsafe teething remedies, I’ll try anything!

Yours in desperation.

PS, If you haven’t already, go enter the Dano giveaway this morning because I’ll be choosing and anouncing the winner this afternoon!

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Emma says:

I will suggest amber teething necklaces. They’ve been super. It might be too early to tell, but both of the kids have been way less irritable today. I haven’t given them any tylenol for teething pain, but they seem happy and pain free with the necklaces. Plus, the necklaces are adorable. I took the kids strolling in the mall today and got many compliments.


Ehmi says:

My son had teething trouble for a month AFTER the first tooth cut as it took that long to come in the rest of the way, He woke up 5-6 times a night. I found that giving him a passifier helped alot (he doesn’t normally use one).

Amanda says:

What I found works is taking one of the old, smaller bottles that I used to pump into and filling it partially with water(enough to fill the nipple) and setting it upside down in the freezer. When it freezes the baby has a great popsicle to gnaw on and the part they hold onto isn’t particularly cold. Stella loves these and at 11 months we have 8 teeth to show for it!

ariana says:

Farah, I’ve heard about Amber too, I may have to get one.

Alicia, funny you should say that because Jasper does the cutest thing where he gets a big smile, reaches his hands out and quite forcefully grabs my face inbetween his hands and chomps down on my chin. It’s so cute, I thought of it more as a “kiss” than teething. It is also something he did more before the teething monster struck.. now he’s too cranky to even do that!

P., I don’t think I’m going to be able to come through for you on this one.. at least not yet. Teething is kicking my butt and this is just the beginning.*Sigh*

tryingin2007 says:

OMG! this post terrifies me! man, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. I’m hoping you follow-up this post with a successful teething remedy. I’m counting on you A!


Alicia Mick says:

Its gonna sound so weird, but, honestly, it works! Give him your chin to gum on! I gummed on my mom’s chin, and Owen gummed on mine – and its just a hard-soft chewy spot that babies love to teethe on!

Farah says:

My child hated all things cold. But would gnaw on a frozen bagel or waffle (sometimes) He also liked to bite the heck out of anything clothe. He would bite/gum it so hard and yank it out of his mouth. Nothing really worked for us, except time. Motrin did for a while but not as long as hte dose was supposed to.

Amber teething beads are suppsed to be very therapeutic. I have not been able to order one yet though to see how affective it is

allison says:

Take a copper penny and put it on a string and wrap it around his neck like a necklace. Something to do w/ the copper in the penny is supposed to help them w/ all thier teeting problems. Just leave the necklace on 24/7. I know from people first hand that it works! Hope this helps.

ariana says:

Michelle, what are you saying that it’s going to get worse before it gets better (waking at night?)??? Kill me now.

Diana, Jasper has also lost some appetite, and it’s affecting my milk supply too. I have to pump for SOOOOO long at night now to get anything and the morning I’m basically dry after he eats I’ve got nothing left.

Diana says:

OMG I had the same weekend you did… she doesnt want anything not even sophie :O( i feel horrible for her.. she dosnt even want to eat :O( so she is in pain and i’m not making enough milk :O( jsut not a fun weekend… I was even late to work today… :O( called the nanny a told me that her gums are bothering her :O( i’m going to target after work to see what i can find to sooth her :O(.

Michelle says:

They always teeth worse on the weekend and then are perfect come Monday morning. No fail with my sweet Olivia. Motrin was the only thing that worked for my son when he was teething but Olivia is not quite 6 months yet. She does enjoy chewing on teethers and Owen didn’t. Good Luck. Just wait till he starts waking up at night! Yikes!

Hi A!

Highland’s Teething Tablets. They are your BEST friend. Here’s a link, but you can get them at any drugstore and they’re homeopathic. These and WINE (for you, of course) by the cask. I feel your pain…hang in!



ariana says:

Thanks for the ideas everyone!

Molly, I hadn’t thought of metal.. he loves anything shiny, so that might serve a dual purpose. I think though he’s not thrilled with the sensation of cold.. like maybe he would like it on his gums but as soon as it touches his lips he makes a face!

Kari, it’s nice to know misery has company Kari, though I don’t wish this on anyone, particularly you and Lima Bean.

jhbat, no whisky for Jasper, but lots of beer for me (hey, I’m trying to get my milk supply up!)

Kimberly, thanks for the link, sometimes he’s ok with me getting in there.. but not right now. I think he’s just so sensitive right now :(

Kimberly II, yes, I guess because it really helps with inflamation motrin seems to work better. Though I really worry about his tummy getting upset.

The crazy thing is.. I just went to nurse him at daycare at lunchtime and he’s totally fine. I mean a tiny bit more whiny than normal but waaaaay better than he was with me. I think the distraction of the other kids, lots of more and different toys really is the best medicine!

Kimberly says:

Motrin is the only thing that really works, in our experience. Sometimes he’s whiny in spite of it… but it works way better than Tylenol. It’s so sad… but the good news is that this really bad period doesn’t last that long (although it seems like an eternity). James sometimes also likes to chew on my fingers, or his own – well, that’s pretty constant, or one of my nursing necklaces. He hates the mesh feeder, but a cool wet washcloth might be a good thing to try. Good luck… poor little Jasper. Come on, teeth, cut through already!!!

kari says:

i am so sorry ariana! for us the teething tabs worked, but not by just putting them under his tongue… i had to disolve a few in about a teaspoon of water, then gave it to him with a medicine syringe (it seemed to relax him enough to take a nap). he seemed to also get some relief from sucking/biting on a clean cold wet washcloth.
the good news like jbhat said is that it is temporary, and once the teeth cut, it does gets better. liam now has the bottom two.. i think the top two are on their way – he is back to being a whiney drool machine since yesterday. but hey – misery loves company, we are right there with you!
hang in there :) and thank god for daycare right?!?

Kimberly says:

Well, I don’t know from experience but I just searched around a little and found one site that said this:

?When they are teething, babies bring their hands to their mouths because pressure on the gums brings relief. Massage tends to be more soothing when it comes from someone else, and teething is no exception. A great way to comfort a teething baby is to rub the gums firmly and gently with a clean finger. The first few passes are sometimes a bit uncomfortable, but babies get increasingly relaxed as the massage continues.? (source: http://www.drgreene.com/21_1203.html)

Although if he won’t let you even in his mouth, I don’t know that he’ll let you poke around in there either.

jbhat says:

Have you tried a little scotch whisky? (Kidding…but tempting maybe?) Not sure what to tell you, but I can definitely relate to that feeling of being glad the weekend is over so that I can get to work and relax.

But Ariana, it’s temporary. You’ll get out of hell–this version of it anyway–soon.

Molly says:

Yep, we’re in denial. That’s the only way I can explain it. When other mothers say, “Oh just wait until the teeth start coming in.” You think, I’m sure it won’t be as bad as they say it is. Then you find out they were telling you the absolute truth.

I prefer more natural ways of relieving the pain. We had teething rings that we put in the freezer but they were too hard. I’ve found that the teether needs to have a little bit of give in it. So we freeze a wet washcloth. He really likes that. Also his bath toys are soft and cushy to chew on as well. So we use those instead of anything that is really hard. Another toy we got is a toy key ring only the keys are cold metal. He seems to like the cold metal as well.