Happy 7 Months Jasper!

Jasper at 7 months

Dear Jasper,
What a month this has been!

You are now eating solid food, sleeping (almost) through the night, weaning off of prevacid, military crawling.. and so much more.

Your favorite things are so simple… The box we keep your toys in, the place mat from Ikea, a water bottle, a coffee can filled with granola so it makes a noise, taking off your socks when I change you and lightswitches. How you LOVE to turn the light switches on and off!

This is also the month where you found your will. Throwing your head back and fake coughing your displeasure.. the all out temper tantrums every morning when I dare to *gasp* dress you for daycare (the horror!).

The excited defiance when Mommy tells you “no” and you crawl to the curtains as fast as you can anyway. You have the glint of mischief in your eye and a smile that will probably let you get away with whatever trouble it gets you in.

I hope you wrap the world around your finger the same way you’ve wrapped me. There will be no denying you anything then!

Your mommy.

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Kimberly says:

I like the monthly letters, too. BTW, another blog that I follow – a professional photographer, like yourself, vowed to document every day of his children’s lives (twin girls, born in 2007). It’ll be 3 years in May that his Family Project has been going. I don’t know if you take pictures of Jasper everyday…but I’d say that you probably have a pretty comprehensive documentary brewing and maybe an exhibit somewhere down the road. Why not?

Tasha says:

Happy 7 months!

Melanie says:

lol!! GI Jasper ;-) Happy 7 months!

kari says:

happy happy birthday little man – we sang a birthday song for you in the kitchen with liam this morning!

ariana says:

LOL, yep, only one reference to GI Jasper (the prevacid). Things are good :)

jbhat says:

These monthly lettes always make me feel weepy. They are so sweet, and I know he will appreciate them someday. Especially the ones that don’t talk about his intestines. : )