A Little Preschool Love Story on Valentine’s Day




For the longest time, Jasper held a flame for a girl in his preschool named Shelby. Nevermind that Shelby was two years older than him, or even that she CHANGED SCHOOLS.  8 months later he was still referring to her as his girlfriend, until recently when he started talking about his new preschool girlfriend Georgia.

Last night as I was putting him to bed he said “How long until we get married Mommy?”

I explained to him that I was already married to daddy, but one day when he grows up he will find a very lucky girl that he loves and ask her to marry him.

“Maybe Georgia!  She has really beautiful blonde hair” he replied.

‘Maybe” I agreed.

He thought for a second and then said “Maybe I’ll wear my Batman hat.”

“To preschool tomorrow?” I asked.

“No, when I marry Georgia!”


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Kristy says:

J talks a lot about who he will marry when he grows up. He had a long list of family members that would be his wife (me, his grandmother…). I explained to him that he could not marry anyone in his family… His eyes widened.. shocked he said “So I have to marry a stranger????” (He talks a lot about staying away from strangers as well). A few weeks later we were driving and out of no where he yelled “I DONT’T WANT TO MARRY A STRANGER!!!”. Oy. I am not ready for this!
PS Congrats on your little ONE!

jbhat says:

Out of the mouths of babes….about babes.