It’s a Singleton!

Only one in there..

Despite my sky high Beta levels, today’s ultrasound at 5 weeks showed just one little high HCG producing sac! I must admit, we are quite relieved.

Aside from the obvious challenges of having newborn twins and a prescho0ler, I was really worried about my ability to carry a twin pregnancy to term given my “irritable uterus” and  history of pre-term labor scares.  I also had such bad hip pain with Jasper, that I can’t even imagine the havoc a twin pregnancy would wreak on my body, particularly given that I am also 4 years older.

So truly, this is the best possible outcome!

I am leaving on Saturday for WPPI and will be gone until Thursday night, so the next time I will see my RE we SHOULD (fingers crossed) if all goes well see a heartbeat!  With every milestone there is always another one to hold your breath for.

In addition, I am very happy to report that we FINALLY, got clearance from our bank to close on our new house! Closing will be Wednesday morning, we move on Thursday. I can’t believe I have to get on a plane two days later – good thing that Jeff is a packing/un-packing machine.

I do worry though about leaving Jasper after a MAJOR life change like a move (his first ever!) particularly since he seems to be smack in the middle of a major mommy attachment phase. We had another terrible drop off at pre-school, even though Thursday and Friday went really well :(

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A says:

Congratulations! SO excited for you!

We are in the initial stages of our IVF journey. Your blog has been a huge inspiration and comfort for me the past couple of weeks.

Marie says:

That is wonderful news all around; congratulations on the singleton and the home loan!

Susan says:

I just found your blog while searching for pictures of a 7 wk U/S. My daughter is pregnant with baby #3 and is 7 wks 4 days today.

Congrats on your pregnancy. I enjoyed reading your posts regarding your first pregnancy so am signing up to continue to follow your blog. We are hoping for a baby girl after two rambunctious boys (Andrew 9 and Alexander “Alex” 27 months).

Your posts on potty training were so funny! Alex was potty trained by the time he turned 2 in November ’11…so grateful because I watch him 2-3 times a week! He decided he was ready and he WAS. I think having an older brother helped. Boys usually take longer too so we were really surprised at how quickly he took to it!

Good luck with your pregnancy! Hope your move goes/went well.

Tala says:

I guess my boy/girl twins dream was wrong. Lol I wonder if I’ll have another dream. I look forward to following this pregnancy, just as I had when you were pregnant with Jasper. I hope he does well with the move. Moves can be so difficult on little ones. My youngest had such a change in his personality in school when we first moved, thankfully it didn’t last long.

Farah says:

Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for all of you! Hope all goes well with the move and with the “baby dinosaur”! : )

GiGi says:

CONGRATS to you all! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that the move will go quickly and without incident. And while I fully understand your worry over leaving Jasper at a time like this – it WILL draw him and Jeff even closer and perhaps he will trust that Daddy can take care of him too. :+)

Fiona says:


Congratulations!!!! Delighted for you….

Fiona x

Ava says:

Woo hoo, for one healthy little embryo! So exciting!!!
See you soon.

Suzette says:

I was thinking of you this morning! Congratulations on all your good news!

molly says:

Yay! Congrats! About the baby AND the house! You must be SO excited :)

p.s. sorry about the daycare drop-offs. We have some really bad days too.

ariana says:

Thanks everyone! Got the Beta levels back, 21dpo and HCG was 3717. That’s only a 55 hour doubling time, but the nurse said they looked fine so I’m hoping the slow down doesn’t mean anything! Maybe there was more than one in there at one point and now there is not..

Feels so weird to go a whole 10 days without a visit to the RE’s office!

Bethany A says:

So happy for you!!! Congratulations!

Cole says:


Meagan K says:

YEAH YEAH YEAH!! So excited to see your little ultrasound!! This is going to be a great adventure for you and your family, especially with the new house!

pam says:

Congrats! Great news!!

Tiffany says:

Congrats, Ariana! So glad things are moving along smoothly and you have a strong little baby in there.

Mama Smith says:

Yay! Such exciting news and must be such a relief. You have so much going on right now but it’s all good so I’m sure Jasper will settle into his new home well. Good luck with everything!

Amy says:

funny – i sent you that email about hoping jasper would settle before i read this. kids know when something is up and when mommy (or daddy) is stressed. but they also adapt quickly. follow your instincts about what he needs and you’ll (he’ll) be fine. i’m sure of it.

tamara says:

great, I’m relieved for you too and I’ll follow your milestones and hold on my breath too…not long ago I was worrying every doctor’s-date-result and thought the 12 weeks would never pass! now time is running faster, as I can think!

many good wishes your way!

Nina says:

That’s one beautiful little sac. Congrats again! Have fun at WPPI!!