Nightmares and NightBears


No one in our house seems to be getting a good night’s sleep lately.

Last night Jasper let out a blood-curdling scream in the middle of the night which scared the bejezus out of Jeff and I. Then this morning he woke up COMPLETELY distraught and said:

“I was taking a bath and I threw bear and he landed in the toilet and then Bear flushed himself down the toilet!!!!”

He was in tears as he said this, so in an attempt to comfort him I  pointed out that bear was here, safe in his arms..

At which point he clutched bear tightly and pointing his finger at us accusingly yelled “You bought me a NEW bear!”

I honestly was taken aback that his mind was capable of imagining such elaborate subterfuge, but yes, that’s probably exactly what we WOULD have done had this happened in real life instead of a dream and if there were actually other “Bears” out there to buy (there are not.)

He was only assuaged when I showed him Bear’s belovedly dirty bow, and told him to sniff Bear and told him that a new bear wouldn’t smell stinky like real Bear!

For my part, I woke up at 3am and was unable to fall back a sleep for hours.. the stress of trying to close the mortgage on our new house (HSBC is jerking us around like you wouldn’t BELIEVE) and thinking about the upcoming ultrasound on Monday just got to me. I started worrying about my lack of symptoms and actually took a pregnancy test this morning! It came up very positive thank god.. how psychotic is it that I’m actually LOOKING FORWARD to morning sickness just so I can feel like something is actually going on?

Monday could potentially be a BIG day for us, first Ultrasound (is it 1, 2…3???) and POSSIBLY even closing on our new house, if HSBC doesn’t manage to screw us YET AGAIN.

Finger’s crossed!

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Liezl says:

Ariana – Thinking of you every day! Praying for little bundles of joy to add to your family! Your blog helped me through my pregnancy… You touch many peoples lives through it, even all the way to South Africa… Jasper is a lucky kid to have you as his mommy… Much love xxx

Amber says:

Seriously, after experiencing two miscarriages, morning sickness really was the only thing that let me know (daily) that everything was ok, so I can totally relate to your psychotic thinking ;) and Jasper is super affordable! I love the emotion captured! I follow you regularly but this is the first i’ve commented. I’ll be praying for you and your unborn baby, congrats and praying for good news come Monday!

Sandra says:

Good luck on monday!:)
I’m still a bit shocked they implanted three eggs! Over here, I think they do two at the very most, I’ve even heard doctors say they prefer to do one at a time. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! (three does sound an awful lot of babies, doesn’t it? :o)

molly says:

OMG, Ariana, I missed it! Congrats on your BFP. I am so excited for you guys! I will really be praying that everything looks great!

Also? Landon has bad nightmares at night complete with screaming out our names. It has been keeping us all up at night and it is no fun! Maybe it’s the age?

Cathy says:

good luck on everything!

Heather says:

Fingers crossed! Good luck with everything!

Nicole says:

Really hope this all goes well for you! Lots of stuff going on!

GiGi says:

hang in there! sounds like you are all processing the stress that is life right now. never fun, but this too shall pass. Hope Jasper has a better night tonight and that Monday brings the best possible of news on all fronts.

pam says:

good luck monday! house closings are the worst.

(and i had no m/s. just saying.)