Happy Fifteen Months Jasper!

Dear Jasper,

At fifteen months you are simply (mostly) delightful. You are so playful, curious and SMART! Nothing gets by you, you understand almost everything being said and new words fly out of your mouth daily.

You are still incredibly attached to your bear but now also to your pacifier, in your mind they go together and if you have bear you walk around looking for your paci saying “pah-ceeee” which sometimes comes out sounding like “puppies.”

You frequently get bored with the things at your level and want to get up to the things like the microwave and the freezer door to play with them, standing at our feet with arms raised saying “up, up, up, up” until we do your bidding. You are so persistent and cute that we have to give in!

Right now you are obsessed with the couch, wanting to sit up there but also to squirm and flop around because it’s soft and you love the feel of the cushions and the velor fabric.  You have also become obsessed with the landing before the staircase, playing on the two steps, hanging off, going down face first and giving your mommy a heart attack daily.

You are so affectionate, you give out frequent kisses to those that you love, and even some inanimate objects! Your favorite new thing to kiss though is your daycare girlfriend Frida. Last month you two fought over the same toys, but almost overnight you started giving toys to each other and now kissing each other is the first thing you do when both of you arrive at daycare in the morning.  Your daddy calls you the kissing bandit.

Most of all you are a joy and bring joy to those around you. My wish for you is that you is that your future will be always be filled with kisses and happy dances:


your mommy.

PS. Big thank you to Ava for the cowboy hat you are wearing in these pictures!

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ariana says:

Julie, the boots are from H&M!

Julie says:

oh, where did you get Jasper’s shoes?! So cute!

jbhat says:

Happy 15 months to Jasper and happy 3 months to our little one. We have the same exact birthday for our kiddos, fellow commenters! I love it!

Kimberly says:

Happy 15 months, sweet Jasper! Beautiful portraits… again with the yummy light! Love the happy dance… so stinkin’ cute!

kari says:

Happy Happy Little Man :) I so love your happy dance!!
kari and liam