Jasper’s New Pumas

Deal Alert!


I was ready to splurge on these puppies at full price ($34.99) but then asked the sales associate at BRU if I could return them if they don’t have a box. She went to the customer service people and they said they were actually supposed to be $19.99, and then they were on sale for 30% off of that, and then I get 10% off because Jeff works at TRU and basically they cost me $10!

I have no idea if they were really supposed to be $19.99 or maybe that’s the price they gave me because there was no box? But anyway, Jasper was looking mighty stylin’ at daycare today :)

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kaboogie says:

lol! I remember when my boogie boy finally decided he wanted big boy shoes, I was so insulted haha. But there are times they just need hard soles, like Ariana said, NE doesn’t bode well on toddler feet in the snow :-)
That’s SUCH a great deal tho! SHoulda got two pair!

Lindsay says:

Adorable! And for $10? That’s a STEAL! I saw baby Pumas in Nordstroms for much, much, much more than that!

Jessica says:

I <3 PUMA's. When I was up in Ohio visiting Family, I got my son a pair ath the local good will for 2 dollars, Brand New, size 7. Green with a yellow swirvy strip on them. He may only be in 3's now but Ill tell you they will come in hand sometime in the future!

Sonya says:

those are seriously adorable!!

jbhat says:

Oh. Mah Gawd. Those are the cutest shoes ever.

ariana says:

Kari, I was the same way not wanting him to wear anything but super flexi shoes – I had always heard they aren’t great for their feet and also I was afraid he’d trip! But Jeff thinks the super soft soles aren’t enough protection or warm enough for the NE winter.. and so we branched out to hard soles. First the H&M boots (the ones he wore in his superman pictures) and now these. And he’s totally fine in them! These are just as flexi as stride rites – even more so I think :)

kari says:

CUTE – how is he walking in the big boy shoes???
i haven’t had Liam in anything more rigid than the Robeez/ Kaboogies.

i think it might be time to branch out, because these are super stylin!