Bye Bye Auntie Roxy

Auntie Roxy

Auntie Roxy

My sister Roxanne leaves today, and no one will be sadder than Jasper to see her go. I am now thoroughly convinced that there is something imprinted in our DNA that recognizes the scent, the aura, the feeling of someone in our own family even if you haven’t seen that someone since you were three months old and you are now almost 15 months old. How else can I explain the almost instantaneous and fierce attachment that Jasper formed towards my opposite coast dwelling sister?

He played shy for all of about 5 minutes and was soon kissing and hugging her – not just quick hugs but long, lingering CLINGING hugs like this one that lasted 10 minutes:

taken with my iphone!

Love at First Sight

Granted, most men have a hard time resisting my sister, but I’ve never seen Jasper act this way towards anyone but his most inner circle that only includes only me, Jeff and my parents.  Somehow he seems to know that his auntie is part of this inner circle even though she is not part of his everyday life.

Having my sister here was bittersweet because it gave me a glimpse of what it would be like if she still lived in New York. I truly hope that some day we can at least live on the same coast again and until then, I think Jasper will be a little heartbroken that his new love left as quickly as she appeared..

The good news is I’m pretty sure now that she knows what she’s been missing, Auntie Roxy won’t be able to stay away for as long this time..

Bye bye Auntie Roxy, we miss you already!

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Jaimie says:

I had a similar experience when my best friend, who lives in Europe, came to visit right around my son’s first birthday. She had last seen him when he was a tiny infant, no more than two months old, and I wanted so much for them to mutually enjoy each other’s company. She arrived late at night, after my son was already asleep. In the morning, when I went in to get my son, my friend tiptoed in behind me. When he spotted my friend, he gave her a HUGE, friendly grin!

I think he picked up on my own happiness and joy at having her there.

jbhat says:

I loved reading this. The photos are amazing too.

I remember having a similar experience with my nephew when he was new. He lives in CA and I am in Seattle, but whenever I would see him, and it was maybe once or twice a year, he just KNEW that I was not a stranger, and that I was more than just some random person dropping in for a visit.

ariana says:

Thanks everyone, we really do miss her so much!

@Shane, what a great story :)

@Ava and Kari – soon I hope!

Nanette says:

This is a beautiful post for a beautiful sister and beautiful little boy. (And a beautiful mom!)

Ava says:

I’m with Kari on this one. When’s your trip out west? Any interest in a Bay Area CA layover?

Dawn says:

I’m so glad you all enjoyed her visit! She looks so much like your mom in these photos!

Sherean says:

Your sister is beautiful and I totally see the resemblance. Looks like a great visit.

kari says:

beautiful :) i absolutely think NOW the east coast sister needs to make her way west for a visit!!!

Sarah says:

Gorgeous photos, Ariana. They reveal how meaningful the visit was for all of you!

Justina says:

Your sis really looks like you! :)

And I simply love those shots, especially with that kind of light at the park!

Rachel says:

I cannot imagine going so long without seeing my sister! or seeing each other’s kids! I hope you don’t have to go as long again!

Shane says:

There must be the low level survive instinct that we just don’t understand so babies/kids know who will protect them. G was in a stranger anxiety stage (10 mths old) when we went to VA to see my family. I was worried that him crying when my mom/sister held him would hurt them.

G was napping right away when we arrived. Then Ava and I fell asleep right away too. We woke up to find G outside playing with my mom, sister, niece, and nephew. Being held, laughing, having fun. I was so shocked, relieved, and thrilled.

Pink says:

LOVE the photos. Your sister is beautiful.

Kimberly says:

These are wonderful photos… gorgeous, yummy light and colors in the park! I hope you enjoyed your weekend together, even though it was (surely) much too short!

I think babies understand who their aunties are… when they’re mommy’s sister. James actually calls my sister “mama” too… he adores her and will go to her almost as easily as to me. She thinks it’s because we look quite a bit alike, but I think babies just know who really, really loves them!

Gina says:

Such a beautiful post and gorgeous pictures. Gotta love sisters (and aunts!).

Diana says:

YOu got me crying again… well my sister and my beautiful niece are moving this friday to Texas and we are in FL. We are going to miss them so much…. My daughter has been giving this type of hugs you know that 10 minute hugs to my sister… I really think she knows that her Auntie is moving :O( and that she will miss her… I had them over last night for a last sleep over party and i slept with my niece, daughter and my sister :O( I havent stop crying since last friday.

Alicia says:

Really gorgeous shots of gorgeous people!

I think kids react to certain people from interpreting the vibes we as parents give off towards that person. Works with friendly as well as not-so-friendly vibes. I think babies are just more tuned in to picking up on vibes. Not sure if its a dna thing or not. Could be though.

Either way, in Jasper’s case, its SO awesome he loves his auntie so much. Hope she visits again soon.

Fiona says:

Beautiful photos….as always.

Peytie's nanny says:

I really love all of these photos, but seriously, the last one is my FAVE. I honestly wish I had a moment like that captured in a photo.