Take Two: My Second Family Photo Shoot!

Bring on the three year olds! Remember this gorgeous little boy from my photos of Gabby & Alaina’s birthday?

So then you’ll understand why even though I was sick as a dog I didn’t want to cancel the photoshoot I had scheduled with Carter and his family this Sunday. Unfortunately I felt I needed to cancel my studio session with Abigail because our house is like a Petrie dish  -Jasper and I  have been sick for a week – but we’ll do those this coming weekend provided I can STOP COUGHING for two seconds before then. (Anyone else hating the cold weather already??)

These images were NOT easy to come by.. as predicted, Abigail totally spoiled me, aside from a little shyness she was a lot more willing to stand still and look at the camera than Carter who could barely be persuaded to put away his storm trooper figurines for the pictures! Mom and dad were getting frustrated with him but I assured them that this is totally normal – and it’s MY job to learn how to get kids to open up to the camera.. and this is probably one of the things I need to work on the most!   The important thing is that I think we got some great shots, I hope mom and dad love them as much as I do!






(you can see these and more, bigger and better on my photo blog)

Shot with my Canon Digital Rebel XSi with my Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 Lens

In OTHER news, today I am taking Jasper for his 15 month appointment this afternoon and I’m a little worried because since he’s been sick he’s pretty much forgone eating solids.  His pants are actually getting LOOSER and I’m sure the scale will reflect that.. instead of trying new things he’s been rejecting some of his previous favorites.  Wish us luck – and a percentile number that’s on the charts!

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Justina says:

Wow… I learnt a new thing today regarding the focal length! Thanks so much for sharing those tips, and the poloroid shot was sheer genius!

Oh yes, and I’ve nominated your blog for this “Best blog award” that has been making its rounds, perhaps you might want to pop by my blog to check out the details?

Danielle says:

Seriously? These shots are gorgeous! And I’m not just saying that because they’re of my wonderful cousins. Amazing, Ariana!

Sherean says:

You have totally found your calling. GREAT shots! Wish you lived in Atlanta. (If you ever come down here for anything, please let me know. I’ll have you booked solid with photo shoots!) haha

ariana says:

Ok, I’m here -sorry, just got back from the Pedi.. he’s only 22lbs 13 oz and 31.25 inches putting him BELOW the 25% for weight for the first time :(

To answer your questions, the settings for the first shot were 3.5, 1/250 ISO 200. But the reason I think it’s a good shot is the creamy bokeh which are more a factor of these two facts than the SS and aperture as most of these were shot at similar settings: 1) I made sure he wasn’t too close to the wall and 2) I was zoomed in all the way with my lens making the focal length 75mm. Distance from background and focal length are hugely important – even more important sometimes than exact aperture. Something that I tend to forget!

As for the “poloroid” shot, you guess it Alicia – the image was photoshopped in later. I had them hold up the back of a greeting card and dropped the image in after :)

Kristen says:

Gorgeous!! That first one’s a portfolio one for sure!

faith says:

ariana, those are great!

I second Justina… we want to know more about the settings!

Alicia says:

Those little loafers are too much!

That university campus is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

Was the last pic created with special effects – were they holding up a blank card and you added the photo effect afterward? So cool – I love i! And the sunshine haze – so perfect!

Jennie says:

Those SHOES of his!! :::dying:::

These are outstanding photographs, per usual!

Justina says:

Again, great shots! Especially love the first one, what kind of settings did you use for that one?

All the best for Jasper’s appointment!

Lindsey says:

Gorgeous! Is that a polaroid in the pic of mom and dad kissing? So creative!

Ariana — you’re just an amazing talent. Your photographs just keep getting better and better. Thank you for sharing them with us.

All good things to Jasper on his appointment today! I understand your concern.

kari says:

these are fantastic ariana!!