Jasper’s School Pictures

in all of their glorious cheesiness!



You can see the redness in his eyes and even the remnants of tears – apparently Jasper doesn’t like having his picture taken by OTHER people either!

Doesn’t he look like such a big boy?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.. my sister (“Auntie Roxy”) is coming to visit and we’re so excited – she hasn’t seen Jasper since he was three months old!

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Nanette says:

Ya know what he’s thinking in that photo? “Isn’t my Mommy usually behind that camera? What the?!?”

Such a sweet boy and sweet pic!

Tehmina says:

Hello Ariana,

This is Tehmina from UK (Liverpool) obviously you might have figured that you don’t know me but I do know you blogularly. You have inspired me in so many ways – with what you do, who you are and how you manage to remain yourself.
I absolutely love your blog and adore your son, I’m 34 weeks pregnant with a baby boy too. Funny enough when I found out that I was pregnant I so wanted it to be a boy just so that I could do his nursery the same way you did Jaspers :D and I’m still struggling with it especially the mural :p.
Anyways..before the babby arrives I really want to invest in a good DSLR camera and I’ve seen some beautiful pictures you have taken from the new born baby shoot but those pictures were taken from Canon 5D Mark II which is soo totally out of my budget but I love the pics that you take from your canon rebel xsi too so I was thinking if you could suggest me which lens would be the best buy for my baby’s photoshoot and also general photography if I go for Canon Rebel xsi.
I should let you know that this is going to be my first DSLR camera and I have no idea about DSLRs so it would be very helpful if you could suggest me how to go about it like should I buy the camera body and the lens separately since I’m tight on budget or go for the whole kit.
Please feel free to contact me at tehminajalil@gmail.com


jbhat says:

I didn’t realize he was a senior already!

Too cute. Our little one also had tearful eyes for his first preschool picture.

I too love the idea of the mini-album of all the wallet-sized photos. Your blog and your blog’s commenters are so great!

p says:

Your pics are so much better.

Claudia says:

Aw, cheesy or not, the pictures are adorable!

Kelsey says:

At least he got this far. My son (8 months) was so hysterical each of the three times they tried bringing him into the room that they never even snapped one photo! He’s the only one in his class who had a complete failure.

Keri says:

Oh, he’s adorable– and what’s funny is he and Hadley have the exact same hairstyle:-). I guess Hadley needs a little more hair to have a “girlie do.”

Justina says:

He looks so grown-up with the shirt and sweater combi! :) And heartartz… I love that idea of the album with pictures!

kari says:

love it!
xo have a great weekend w/ auntie roxy!

ariana says:

heartartz, what a great idea!

heartartz says:

I have my oldest son’s little (wallet) school pics from preschool thru high school by my bedside. Best bedside reading when you cannot sleep!
They used to be in frames but by grade 6 and a second child got to be too much. so now they are in a mini album.
If you go this route, buy one with at least 20 pages (12 grades + 4 K and preK and then those soccer Bball team pics)

ariana says:

Alicia, I had no idea there were such actions.. funny!

Jenny, its from the cynthia rowley collection at Babies R us!

soooo sweet! the cheezy school picture is an absolute must rite of passage…but he looks as cute as ever! I love Jasper’s sweater! Where did you find it? I have been looking everywhere for a sweater like that for my little guy’s portraits!

Alicia says:

Awwww! Cheesy or not, Jasper is still the cutest in his class! But I gotta hand it to the school photographer – I’ve seen laborious photoshop actions that strive to achieve that very same cheesy classic portraiture effect – and they did it automatically!