Happy 10 Months Jasper!


Dear Jasper,

This month has been so exciting and yet so sad. Exciting because you are learning so much every day sometimes I feel like I can actually see the wheels turning in your little head! This month you sped through milestone after milestone – clapping, first fingerfoods, first steps and even your first tooth!

You are just as much of a character as you’ve always been, perhaps even more so as you start to make your likes and dislikes known. Like at bedtime when you close the book I’m reading to you and insist that we read the one YOU pick out.

You still aren’t interested in eating much, and you have gone back to crying whenever in the carseat (and trying to bust out of the five point harness ala the incredible hulk).  You don’t like strangers much and you get really upset when I leave you at daycare.. the teachers there have to open the back door and distract you with looking at the trees. Mommy is half convinced you’ll grow up to feel abandonment in the presence of nature!

You LOVE dogs, the telephone (only the real one will do), grandma and grandpa, water, bathtime, pop up toys, and squishing your food in your hands at mealtime (we have to work on that one!). You also love being upside down, music, pillow fights and your sippy cup.

This month is also a sad one, the one when we moved out of our house with daddy and into grandma and grandpa’s. But you are adjusting just fine to your new surroundings, focusing on growing and learning new skills just the way you are supposed to. You love seeing grandma and grandpa when you wake up and then you get to see daddy too when he comes over to see you before work!

You babble away all day and just started making little kissy sounds.  You also started hugging me sometimes, resting your little head on my shoulder if you are really sleepy or relaxed. It doesn’t happen frequently but when it does, it melts my heart into mush.

Watching you learn new skills and develop your own little personality this month has been such a joy, thank you for being the best medicine for a heavy heart.

I love you now and always,

Your mommy.

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Stephanie says:

Happy birthday Jasper! What a cutie!

jbhat says:

Crying again… you have a great knack for tugging at the heartstrings with these monthly love notes.

I cannot believe that in two short little months our little GI Jasper is going to be ONE. How did this happen?

Loved seeing Jeff’s comment too.

kari says:

Happy ten months little punkin punkey punk!!
We sang for you this morning – one of these bdays we might film it)

great post ariana! your little man is so smart and learning so much every day! you are a WONDERFUL mommy!


Juliana says:

Happy 10 months, Jasper!!

Ariana, this post was so beautiful! The photo and the post itself.

Enjoy your day with your little one!!!

Allyson says:

Awwwwwww This is the sweetest, most adorable post in a blog that I’ve ever read!! Happy 10 months Jasper!

You are such a great mommy. :)

Katie says:

Happy 10 month birthday, Jasper! What’s funny is that I’ve always thought of Jasper as being soooo much older than Lilly. The things he’s doing seem so “grown up” and far, far away from where Lilly is. And yet, they are only 4 months apart. I mean, they could be in the same class one day! I’ve always enjoyed the little preview I get through your posts about where he is and what he’s up to. It’s a nice little sneak peak into our future:)

Kimberly says:

Happy 10 months, sweet Jasper! That means my little one only has 5 days left to be 10 months old. :(
Slow down just a little bit and let your mommy enjoy you being a baby for just a little longer… You have the rest of your life to be “big!” :)

Heather says:

Happy Birthday Jasper! I’m sure you’ll be discovering keys soon too! And yes, only the real ones will do! (I actually had to go to a locksmith to get a set for my son!)

Alicia says:

Dear Jasper:
Happy 10 months – you’re getting up there! But the best is yet to come! I’ve enjoyed watching you grow on your Mommy’s wonderful blog. You have an incredible Mommy & Daddy – you are one lucky little guy!

So sweet…I have a little tear :) I bet your parents absolutely LOVE to see Jasper in the mornings. Mine just love when we stay with them so I can bring a smiling baby in to see them first thing in the morning.

Jeff says:

Happy 10 month birthday monkey face! Daddy loves you very very much!

Diana says:

Beautiful… you always make me cry :O(
Aliana will be 10 months on monday… and she is pretty much doing the same things Jasper is doing… I also love it when Aliana puts her head on my shoulders… you are right it makes you melt right away… like ice cream under the sun…

Just beautiful Ariana!