Mommy Necklaces 40% Off!

wearing my mommy necklace

wearing my mommy necklace

Kimberly alerted me to the fact that if you become a facebook fan of Mommy Necklaces, you can order anything you want from the store at 40%  off through midnight tonight!

You may remember from the mommy necklace photoshoot post how much I love mine.. but you may not know that I wear it every single day.  If I don’t, I get the scratches, pinches and gouges to show for it.

For whatever reason, babies just love these. When I see Jasper’s girlfriends Peyton and Lola they want me to hold them simply so they can chew on my necklace. Yes, I am very popular with the under two set :)

Just thought I’d pass the tip on in case you had been thinking about getting one for yourself or as a gift.

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Rebecca says:

Oh, thank you for posting this! I just ordered 2. One for myself and one for a prego friend. You always have great advice!

ariana says:

LOL Jill, I hope you like them as much as we do!

Jill says:

THANK YOU for posting this! I have been talking about getting one of these for at least a month (or more), since Ava is obsessed with pulling my necklace. I told DH about the discount yesterday, and he said, “PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GET ONE ALREADY.” So I did! :)

ariana says:

Oh, sorry everyone about the timezone deadline :(

Kadensmommy, the one I have is the fire & ice collection fixed donut.

Samm Ivri says:

Darn! Midnight EASTERN time was the deadline. Noooooooooooooo!!

Kadensmommy says:

I love these and just realized I missed out since I am in a different time zone! But despite missing the sale, I absolutely NEED one, but how to decide? I can’t figure out which one in the collection you have? Is it an old design? Love the colors!

Kimberly says:

I have an Innocence Mod Flat Rock (All white / iridescent gold… it’s an old design), a Rainstorm Dangling Donut (turquoise and dark grey), and a Classy Chic with a Locked Donut (ambers and oranges), and I just ordered an Urban Locked Donut (pinks and black) and a Cherish Mod Flat Rock (browns/earth tones).

kari says:

oh, I am SOOO ordering one or two… or MORE of these! Liam is forever gnawing on my necklaces. Would be nice to have something kid friendly.. and super cute to boot!
thx girl for the hookup! and thx kimberly to you too.

ariana says:

Nanette, it saves you from all sorts of pulling and other antics :)

Kimberly, I really have no idea, I have SUCH a hard time making a decision. What are your faves???

Kimberly says:

I’m so glad you blogged this! I would have, but I just don’t have the readership you do. I ordered 2 more… So now I’ll have five! What are you you getting?

AmandaG says:

Just thinking about these necklaces the other day as a gift for a mommy I know. Thanks for posting!

nanette says:

It’s so pretty! I wonder if it’d keep Em from pulling on my hair. She doesn’t quite understand that it’s attached to Mommy.