Found: Socks that Stay on Baby’s Feet!

Ladies and Gentlemen.. (well, all ladies really) I present to you the holy grail of parenting. Socks that actually stay on baby’s feet!

The only socks that stay on baby's feet: Circo from Target

The only socks that stay on baby's feet: Circo from Target

They are the Circo low-cut socks that come in three or six packs at your local Target.

Strangely, the perfect socks are only available at the store and not online.  It also says online that styles and availability of these vary from store to store. That must be true because the only ones my store has are the sport stripe ones I took a picture of above (hmmm, product photography is apparently not one of my talents.)

They do have product pages online for two of the styles they come in that I WISH my local store had, camoflouge tatoo and flame socks and these little sporty football ones.

I have no idea which ones your store will have or even how many styles they actually have out there, but I think the key to knowing you have found the holy grail socks is that they are Circo (not the other target brand “The First Years”) and they say “low cut”. The product # begins with 030-06-27 and the last two digits are the various styles.  In my store, they were in on the other side of the aisle that has the dwell bedding and blankets on the same side that has infant toys.

I wish you luck on your quest…

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Hi Ariana, as a WI mom of four young daughters, I completely understand the frustation of baby socks that don’t stay on!! This is why I developed Rock-a-Thigh Baby. These are Made in the USA, thigh-length socks (like legwarmers with feet), which are designed to stay up on and — and they do!!! Just 15 hours ago in fact, a customer posted this to our Facebook page: I’m so impressed with these socks. I bought 4 pairs HOPING they would stay put on my 1 year olds feet. She constantly pulls socks off and then her poor feet freeze. This is the first pair of socks that she can’t take off!! She tried (very hard) to pull them off and gave up once she realized they weren’t moving. THANK YOU Rock-a-Thigh Baby! My little ones feet are going to stay warm and toasty this California “winter.” I’d love for you to check us out sometime!

Matt says:

I’m just commenting to let you know that 1) I appreciate this suggestion because finding and putting socks back on has become a good portion of my day. And 2) It’s not just ladies who have children. Believe it or not, men are involved too. And there are lots of stay-at-home-dads nowadays. I’m kind of tired of the sexism on all these parenting websites.

I had the same problem of keeping socks on my baby boys. It snows here in the winter and I hated that their feet kept getting cold, and their legs would often get cold too. I ended up creating a product for them to wear, called Baby Undersocks (, and am now selling it as well. Undersocks are soft thermal pants with socks sewed into the bottom. Its worn underneath an outfit, like tights, but they are much more comfy than tights and great for baby boys. I’d love for anyone to check them out. Thanks.

grandmommie says:

I set out to search for the ones I used to buy for my kids because by grandaughter’s socks won’t stay on; couldn’t remember the name, but they had little bubble-like stretchy bands, and I finally saw some link that mentioned bubble socks, and hit pay dirt. Anyway, Carter’s Bubble Socks are available at Amazon, and Kohl’s and Babies R Us. I’m also trying Luvable Friends; will let you know if they work.

Mieke says:

I have not tried the Circo socks yet… but the Carter’s Bubble Socks stay on babies feet really well — they never come off. They are the only socks I buy for my little girl. Carter’s has been making them at least since I was a baby because my Mom bought them for me. Now they are very hard to find — they don’t even have them at the Carter’s outlet. The only place I have been able to find them consistently is through the Kohl’s website. Bummer! I don’t think they are very popular because they don’t come in very many varieties…

ariana says:

Oh my goodness, Christine you are an angel.. I’ll email you, thanks!

Christine says:

I have the flame socks! I found them at target about 2 months ago but I still see them all the time. What size would Jasper need. I’d love to send him some! :)

TheRightWife says:

The spoons worked great!! Can’t wait to hunt down the socks :)

ariana says:

TheRightWife, let me know how the spoons go for you. Also, let me know if you find the elusive tatoo & flame socks!!!

ariana says:

Knee socks, what a good idea!

Those trumpette socks look so cute, I always wondered who made the little mary jane socks one of Jasper’s daycare friends wears.

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions :)

Katie, so glad you got the teethers… Yes, they are more flexi than they look. Hope she loves them!

Katie says:

I second the Trumpette socks! (They are the Mary Jane socks that are a big hit right now, but they come in adorable boy styles, like tennis shoes and I think argyle maybe??) They truly are awesome.

Also, I receieved my DANO teethers in the mail today! They are awesome. I wasn’t expecting them to be rubbery feeling– I can’t speak for babies, but the hard plastic teethers just don’t seem like they’d be very soothing to me. No? But these look like they will actually sooth. Thanks again, Ariana!

Kimberly says:

I haven’t tried these… the only socks we’ve had luck with are Gap knee socks… well, pretty much all their socks come up toward the knee, and he can’t get them off. We’ve also had pretty good luck with the Trumpettes, although he rarely wears them.

TheRightWife says:

Thanks so much for the recommendation! I just picked up the Take and Toss spoons that you mentioned in a previous post, and look forward to trying those tonight! Darn – I was just at Target, too! I’m going to have to hunt for the other socks you mentioned – little feet have to look adorable in flame socks!

Jessica says:

I love these socks, too. I am jealous of the ones at your Target because mine only has plain white. Maybe we should trade.

I’m a big fan of the Trumpette socks. We have a whole bunch and have been using them since G was born. They’re awesome. They stay on, and even when pulled (by little baby fingers) seem to stay on.
We have the Camo sets (

tryingin2007 says:

what a riot! I bought some of these this weekend! we got the white with the pink heels and the plain white ones. ginny’s feet are growing so fast! baby gap also has some pretty decent ones that also stay on. they’re a little thicker –

Keri says:

Ariana, the baby legs are a great idea– thanks for the tip! And, I’m glad to hear that the Circo socks pass the sock pulling game with Jasper. Maybe they stand half a chance with my little one, too:-).

ariana says:

We also have a bunch of old navy socks, they are cute (and have tred) but I don’t know if it’s just me, but they seemed to be too tight around jasper’s chunky little ankles. I always noticed they left indentation marks and that bothered me. But maybe he just has extra thick legs!

Lindsey Ring says:

Wow, I’m surprised to see so many love those. They won’t stay on my youngest son. I’m about to give up on socks all together. The fold-down Carter’s socks with the ball-looking border are the only ones he’s never been able to kick/take off.

vedjen says:

De-lurking to comment on socks. (I cannot believe how much my life has changed since having my first baby . . .)

I have also had good luck with the Old Navy “cutesy ones that match each new season of clothes” like these: and also these ones from the Gap:

ariana says:

Jasper LOVES the pulling off the socks game (particularly when getting changed!). These manage to stay on event when he pulls, but I do have to wiggle them back snugly into place after he’s done pulling. One thing that helps with the pulling off is that during the winter he’s always wearing his little wool leggings:
and I put them on OVER his socks. If you daughter wears baby legs you could try it with those!

Keri says:

I haven’t tried these but definitely will. Socks are a constant struggle for us since Hadley discovered her feet a few months ago. She pulls and pulls at the socks until they are about three feet long and just barely hanging onto her feet. At least, that’s what the good socks do. The ones that just fall off don’t stand a chance around her. I have found that the socks at Old Navy (the cutesy ones that match each new season of clothes) tend to stay on well.

ariana says:

And yet again I pick a product to recommend that apparently everyone already knows about :)

Theresa says:

These socks are wonderful! My son would manage to remove his socks countless times a day until I found these. Unfortunately, my store only carries them in white (which is fine, just a little boring).

Angie says:

Those are awesome socks!!!! I have the girls ones for mine. (I have twin girls) I found them in my store. Love those!

Jill says:

We have these (in pink/purple, ha ha), and you’re right — they are the ONLY socks that stay on. I wish my store carried the camo/tattoo ones — they would look awesome with Ava’s Rolling Stones tee and skull hat!