Happy Mother’s Day

This made me weepy!

This made me weepy!

That was the highlight of my otherwise totally craptastic Mother’s Day.. there were nice gifts from Jeff & Jasper, but the rest of the day/weekend consisted of:

1) Just when things were going well, a complete re-disappearance of milk supply due to Jasper being sick and not eating much all week causing me to have to pump and bottle feed

2) Jasper being overall clingy/cranky and miserable as he’s still not feeling great

3) Jasper refusing to nap yesterday at my mom’s during our Mother’s Day brunch with my Grandmothers and Aunts  so we had to leave early.

4) Jasper refusing to eat before said nap, causing me to have to leave the Mother’s Day brunch halfway through to go home and pump and come back again

5) A Huge fight with Jeff (on Mother’s Day)

So all in all not the WORST weekend on record, but certainly not the one I was hoping for Mother’s Day.

Because my weekend was such a disappointment, do you think  you could make it up to me?  What I would really like from you for Mother’s Day is if you can just tell me how I know you.

Yes, I’m aware I don’t actually “know” most of you, but you found me somewhere, and I probably continue to run into you there (like on messageboards , flickr, twitter etc) but don’t connect the commenter here with their usernamethere because often they are different. .. It would really help my mushy mommy brain to connect the dots if you tell me where you found me, and if it’s on another site what your username there is.

And if you could throw in what you’d like to see more of on this blog in the future, I’d love to hear that too (giveaways? photography tips? product reviews/recommendations? general parenting commentary?)

Pretty please?

Oh, and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! I don’t know what I’d so without you. Seriously, you all keep me sane and I hope each and every one of you had the wonderful mother’s day weekend that you deserve.



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Molly says:

You’re a great mother! I had a less than great mother’s day as well. My husband has his 4th MRSA infection and was out of commission. But the positive of that was I got to go pick out my own gift!

I clicked on your blog link once on the bump. I believe we were on the trimester boards together. I put you in my reader immediately because I loved your house and decor. I live in an older bungalow but am definitely not as skilled as you in making it look good. I try but it just doesn’t happen. Anyway, Jasper is a cutie and I tune in sometimes to see what is up with you guys!

Sherean says:

I’m late but wanted to say “hi” since I mostly lurk here. I have you in my RSS reader so I can see whenever you have a new post. My hubby knows you as “Jasper’s mom.” I found you through another blog — I can’t remember which one but some other mommy blog. I was pregnant at the time. Jasper is about 2.5 months older than my son so I have really enjoyed learning what’s around the corner for me. You also emailed me some great advice when my munchkin developed reflux. I printed out that Marci’s Kids stuff and took it to the doctor (who mostly ignored it). I forward your Photoshop tutorials to my husband all the time and we’re both very grateful for all the tips and advice — photography-related and otherwise. Oh, I even bought Hunter his very own Sophie and he loves it. Hope you and Jeff made up and that all is well.

I “know” you from the nest :) Love your blog!

Heather says:

Oh, you poor thing! I had a fight w/ my husband last year (for ignoring our first Mom’s Day). Needless to say, he learned his lesson, and this year was much better!

I used to read your Becoming Home blog, and we had babies a few months apart. I’ve left some comments here and there, and have become a huge fan of your blog…and Jasper!

Kim says:


I’ve never actually commented on your blog before, but I figure that now would be a perfect opportunity to do it! I found your blog by sheer accident! I was researching for a story I’m writing (about a pregnant girl), and was google image searching for “belly shots” so that I’d be able to accurately describe what real women look like while pregnant. So, I stumbled upon your “I am One Fat Momma” post at 9 weeks. I ended up reading that blog and I loved the way you wrote and decided to read everything from the beginning. Once I got caught up, I read your Home blog.

So, that’s how I “know” you, even though until now you didn’t know me :)

Lucy says:

I found you on The Bump.

I think Jeff cheated–surely he didn’t find you at the altar. I think we need a story!! =)

jeff says:

Im married to you.

Elizabeth says:

My sister in law was pregnant at the same time as me and she told me about your blog. I had never even heard of “mom” blogs like yours before. It’s been such a great source of information, laughter and something I look forward to reading as an escape.

Stephanie says:

I figured, but with SOOOOOOO many commenters, it’s hard to keep track, right? :-)

ariana says:

LOL Kimberly, that was exactly the title!

Thanks Stephanie, you too! And I knew where you came from ;)

Stephanie says:

Belated Happy Mother’s Day, Ariana!

I found Becoming Home on Houseblogs.net and followed you here. :-)

Kimberly says:

I found your blog when I was 9 weeks pregnant and looking for pictures of what a 9 week pregnant belly would look like….You posted a picture of yourself when you were 9 weeks pregnant (the title of the post was Big Fat Mamma or something like that). And I just kept reading….

ariana says:

Dawn – I never in a million years would have remembered the name of the bar where we had our first meeting.. I’m so glad you did though because it brought it back like it was just yesterday!! If/when we come to visit we need to go back there and pay tribute :)

Eva says:

Hi Ariana,

Our babies are only about a week apart in age! If I remember correctly, while I was pregnant, I stumbled onto your blog around the time you were decorating your nursery. I loved the BabyMod crib you chose so I actually bought one in brown for my daughter. I’ve been a faithful reader ever since. I always love your posts about breastfeeding Jasper and everything you’ve been through with that. I know it hasn’t been easy, to say the least! But I really admire your commitment! Anyway, I wish I had time to mess around with Photoshop like you do with all your photos but it’s a miracle I get mine posted SOOC onto Flickr at all!

Anyway, Happy first Mother’s day, and thanks for a great blog!

Juliana says:

Hello, Ariana! I am so sorry to hear that your weekend wasn’t good. I hope you are feeling better now and that Jasper (he is so cute!!) is also better.

I found you on Google. I was looking for a tutorial on how to make a photo in black and white using photoshop. After I saw the video, I started reading your posts and now I need to vist your blog every day. Just want to know if you and Jasper (have I mentioned that he is so cute!!) are doing fine and to see if you have another video on.

What I would like to see here? Well, I love your photoshop tips, so just keep bringing us new ones.

Thank you so much for your hard work and don’t worry about your milk supply, it will come back and if you get nervous it will just be worst on you. My supply tend to get lower on those days that I am nervous and just want to sit down and cry.

Dawn says:

I met you at a table outside at Duffy’s and we drank beer until it got dark. I’ve loved you ever since!

Hang in there! I think you deserve a do-over too!

Lindsay says:

I’m pretty sure I found you through my college friend Meghan over at http://www.missionmotherhood.com. I think I may have seen your blog somewhere else, but can’t remember where! I love reading your stories and seeing pictures of your adorable son. The photoshop tutorials are great, too. I’m a graphic designer and LOVE photoshop tips!! Thanks.