Child of the Future

Shot with my Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 Lens lens and canon 430 ex II speedlite at these settings:
SS 1/6oth
ISO 200

SO this is a real email I received over the weekend:

Subject: child of the future

Message: Hi Ariana,

I couldn’t help but notice your son’s birth date on your “about” page
says he was born August 19, 2009. Sweet. he’s from the future! You’ve
got skills..hee.


There you have it folks, my child is so advanced he’s actually FROM THE FUTURE! (His mother on the otherhand, is obviously a complete airhead… How long can I use the mommy brain excuse for? I plan on milking it as long as possible!)

As if to prove the point, Jasper said his first words Friday night!!!

It was at the end of feeding him dinner and he was starting to fuss: dropping food overboard and pulling his bib off like he always does when he’s had enough. So I did the baby sign they use at daycare for “all done” (sort of like clapping your hands as if you were brushing food off of them) and asked him “All done?”

He looked right at me, clapped his little hands together and said “all done!”

You can imagine how excited I was.. I would have thought I was imagining things if my mom wasn’t standing right there and hadn’t heard it too.

Afterwards,  I was changing his diaper before bed and saying “Jasper, I can’t believe you are such a big boy, you said all done ” and then he said it again!

Of course he’s only half way said it since, so it’s not like I can really say he’s talking yet, but it was such an exciting moment I had to share.   I did try to capture it on video, but I only succeeded in getting him doing the throwing the food overboard and pulling off his bib routine.

As a substitute, perhaps you will enjoy this little video of his other newly acquired skill, tilting back the sippy and drinking from it all by himself! If you stay tuned until the end you will be rewarded with a kiss.

Video taken with my new HD widescreen mini camcorder! (full review coming soon)

The weekend was not all good though,  yesterday was really rough.  There wasn’t a single nursing session that I was able to have a let down and  I am afraid our nursing days are very very numbered.  I know we’re so close to a year and weaning isn’t far off anyway, but I was really hoping to make it the whole 12 months. We’ll see what today brings..

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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ariana says:

Hi Linda, I’ll post about that tomorrow, it hasn’t been that easy, but his favorite by far is avocado!!

Linda says:

Congrats on the first words!!! How exciting :) I was wondering how Jasper is doing in the food department. What finger foods does he like best? Was it hard to get him to eat? I’m having the hardest time getting my 9 month old to eat anything besides bananna, so I would appreciate any advice you can spare. Thanks!

Sarah says:

You’ve been nursing longer than I have and are therefore more experienced, but if it means anything, I’ve had a few days where my let-down was weak or delayed, and then things just picked back up soon afterward. I’m not sure what all the factors are that can affect supply — but I’m sure that it’s more than just demand. Stress, low fluid intake, and lack of sleep really seem to affect me sometimes. Good luck! You’ve done a great job so far!

Sarah says:

I know what you mean about the nursing thing. I’m down to once a day just before bed w/ Kaity and she is SO busy that she only will nurse for like 5 minutes at the most on each side. Its kinda sad because she is our last, but at the same time I really can’t wait to get done and throw away my nursing bras!! There are so many more things to look forward to. ~Sarah~

ariana says:

Kate, I don’t remember that – see I’m even more hair-brained than I thought!

Dawn, I know, isn’t that highchair just hilarious? Looks like it was ripped straight out of an airplane. Friends of my parents gave it to them to use with Jasper for when he was only here once a week.. they had used it for their grandkids and then they grew out of it. God knows how old it is!

Dawn says:

I love his smooches!!! But what is that highchair? It looks like you stole the seat and tray off an airplane!

Kate says:

Hah! Ariana, it’s even funnier because I told you months ago that date was wrong! ;-)

Kimberly says:

Ha ha… I say we can claim “Mommy Brain” as long as we have babies. That should buy me at least a few more years, and let me tell you, I need any excuse I can come up with!
I love, love, LOVE the kisses… seriously one of the cutest things ever! Our babies are getting so big! :( and :) Bittersweet.

Sending lots of good wishes your way for a couple more months of nursing…. I know you don’t need advice since you’ve heard it all before… but I’m pulling for you! (My best friend has been struggling with the same issues… her boy turns one on Wednesday and they barely made it to his birthday).

Keri says:

Oh my gosh, talking!!! That’s fabulous– Jasper is such a big boy now!

Allyson says:

awwww that’s so cute! his first words! awwwwww

jbhat says:

OMG, so many milestones! But wait, they’ve happened in the future?…so confused. : )

I hope he’s not “all done” with the nursing, especially if you’re not quite ready. But my goodness, you have had a good run of it thus far. Nice work!

Amazing! I remember reading posts when you were pregnant, and now this little guy is basically talking and drinking out of a cup on his own!