Derby Day

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Shot with my Canon Digital Rebel Xsi
Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens at various settings.
Image post processing in Adobe Lightroom

The Kentucky Derby would have gone completely unnoticed in our house if our friends Brian and Ami hadn’t invited us to their Derby Day Party on Saturday. They don’t do anything halfway, so I knew we’d have to get serious about our “costumes.” Luckily I found a giant brimmed hat from Marshalls for me to wear and a cute little blue Polo onesie for Jasper. And Jeff had the perfect newsboy hat for the occasion.

I also seized the opportunity to use some of my vintage presets on the photos and created two new ones I’m rather fond of now, Cross Processed II (used on most of the pictures of Jeff & Jasper together) and “Old Timey with a kick” used on the photos of Brian and Amy that are sort of sepia faded. I updated my presets pack with these new ones, so if you’ve already downloaded it, you might want to grab it again (and don’t forget to join the Becoming Mom flickr group!).

I would write more but poor Jasper woke up with 102 fever this morning and no other symptoms.. (what could that be??)

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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Kiran says:

Nice simple viewer and pics and great blog. Had seen it once or twice before but really read through today. My son is 7 months old.

HamiHarri says:

You do have one great looking family! Beautiful pics as always. Oh -and I wanted to say, I love themed parties, they are sooo much fun!

Sarah T. says:

I love the picture of the three of you together. What a nice looking family! Looks like you guys had a blast at the derby party!

judy n says:

fever without any other symptom could be roseola. you have high fever for a few days, and then when the fever finally breaks, the classic red blanching rash pops up starting at the trunk and spreading outward. Just a bug…nothing to do

Jules says:

It’s too high for teething. My guess is that it’s just a bug. At that age, they can develop fevers with no other symptoms. Nicholas (at almost the same age) had a bug just like that. Fever for a couple of days, no other symptoms, and then it disappeared. It was very stressful. I hate fevers!

p.s. I haven’t even looked at the pictures yet, but I am sure they are beyond fabulous, as usual. :)

ariana says:

Thanks JB.

Everyone must go to Kari’s blog and watch the video of Liam. Guaranteed to brighten your day!!

Katie, I hope Ceci feels better, please keep me posted..

Katie says:

Ceci came down with a misterious fever. We took her to the doctor… they said teething wouldn’t cause that high of a temp. So they ran test after tests. We checked for strep, phenomoia, and mono but she didn’t have any of that. Still waiting to hear from the doctor. Best of luck with the little guy.

kari says:

could your fam. be any cuter?
re: the fever??? maybe teething, maybe EI… speaking of EI – we THOUGHT Lima Bean had another (tugging on his ears) we took him to the Dr. on Sat… all CLEAR (thank god) his boiled down to teething.
i hope his fever goes down quickly!
have a GREAT week!

jbhat says:

I can’t guess why he has a fever, but I hope it goes down. Great pix, as usual.

ariana says:

Marybeth, when you did know he had it, did you then notice he had a fever?

My uneducated guess would also be an ear infection. My 9-month old just went for his well child visit and the doctor said, “Oh, he has an ear infection,” when she checked his ears as part of the routine. It was his first one, and he didn’t have any symptoms. I never took his temp, since I didn’t have any reason to!

Just something to keep in mind.

ariana says:

Thanks Farah! I don’t think it’s an EI, he’s totally fine laying down and isn’t getting over a cold or he hasn’t had one yet so I don’t think he’s prone to them (thank god!)

Farah says:

great pictures! It’s a lil high for teething. My guess ear infection?