Jasper the Easter Bunny

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Oh my, so much to post I don’t even know where to begin… First there are these Easter pictures of Jasper. There are so many that they need their own post.

Then, there is how much I am LOVING my new Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens and the story of why I got it (a will be a separate post).

And how I am also becoming an Adobe Lightroom 2.0 convert! All of these images were edited SOLELY in Lightroom (no photoshop) except one or two where I edited in Lightroom and then did a quick cloning out of the tag on the bunny ears in Photoshop and then brought it back into Lightroom.

For those of you that don’t know what the heck Lightroom is, don’t worry, neither did I until about 2 weeks ago. And even after I got the program I still didn’t really understand it until I watched all of the excellent tutorials on Adobe’s website. This also deserves it’s own post which I’ll do later.

Lastly, Jasper is REALLY military crawling now. It took him about two more days after the last video to kick it into high gear and get where he wants to go in half the time. That new video will also be a separate post.

I predict you’re going to be sick of hearing from me this week!

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Ashley says:

I am soo inlove with all of these pics! I so wish I could have figured out photography sooner so I could have pics like these of my boys as they grew…that is the reason I am on crunch time…they can’t get any older until I know what I am doing! I have lightroom but I don’t know much…I will have to watch all the videos! :)

kari says:

these are precious! love every single one – the smile is to die for, and the one w/ his hands over his mouth… yummy baby!

ariana says:

Tiffany, it’s the “Eurobath” by Primo.
We got it at BRU, all my girlfriends recommended we register for it!

tiffany says:

What brand is Jasper’s white baby bathtub? It’s a prefect size. My Elizabeth “Bit” is quickly growing out of her smaller baby tub.

p.s. love the pics and tutorials!

ariana says:

jbhat, I probably should do a separate blog for all this photo stuff, but I already have too many :) I will of course, always include pics of GI Jasper (too funny, never thought of it in terms of the military crawl!)

Jenna, I will post in detaikl about the lens stuff soon (today maybe?) but the short version is my 50mm is too long on my crop body and also my copy of the lens has front focus problems.

Teeveegirl, all natural light. I actually really want to get a canon speelite and learn how to use it to bounce the flash so it looks more natural, but I’ve just spent too much money on lenses recently to buy one now! But the really fast lenses I use (Canon 1.8 and Simga 1.4) capture a lot of available light and then I do some processing in Photoshop or Lightroom to brighten them up if need be.

teeveegirl says:

Ariana, these pics are adorable! What type of lighting do you use when you shoot? I know you usually opt for no flash but is this just natural light or do you have a studio light you set up?

Jenna says:

Ah, yes…Lightroom is amazing! My husband and I are quite obsessed. Since we do lots of portrait shoots and will be doing lots of weddings in the coming months, Lightroom is our right hand “man.” It’s so quick and easy, and the Presets are awesome! I love how easily you can copy and paste presets to multiple shots taken in the same lighting situation.

I’m really curious about your lens choice and what you love about the new one that the 50mm didn’t quite fulfill.

Our little man started rolling over yesterday! I can’t imagine what joy (and terror) I’ll feel when he starts crawling!

Looking forward to this week’s posts…

Becca says:

He looks so sweet and precious. I love dressing them up and taking cute pictures.


Please visit me at http://www.askbecca.com

Jill says:

So sweet! He looks so darling, I love it!

jbhat says:

I am a point and shoot type of person, and not at all tech savvy, but I will try my best to hang in there. Just keep including some more nice pix of GI-Jasper (I think we can still call him that, since he does the “Military Crawl”), and I’ll be fine.