Belly Pic, 37 Weeks 3 Days

It’s been a very long time since I posted a belly shot. Mostly because I can barely stand to look at myself these days, why would anyone else want to??

But in honor of the much anticipated arrival of my brand new Canon Digital Rebel yesterday I took a few pics of the only subject around – me!

Here I am in all my bellyliciousness:

Front View

Side view.

BTW, those are veins not stretchmarks.. I have that sort of pale skin that is actually translucent! I’m sure the stretchmarks aren’t far behind though.

So what do you think, have I “dropped”?

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Toast 2 Mom says:

Before I got to your line about if you thought you’d dropped, I thought, oh, she’s dropped! I always struggled to see this in myself…but it sure seems that way for you by these pics. You look fantastic…you really really do!! I love that you’re doing this site and have all of these moments captured. It’s wonderful. Not much more to go!!!

Melanie says:

I never knew if I dropped either. It’s hard to tell if you carried low the whole time!! It looks low to me and the fact that your midwife felt the head would lead me to believe you have dropped! In any case, you look incredible! I predict you’ll have your old body back very quickly!

Sheri says:

You do look amazing. Hang in there and rest as much as possible over the next few weeks!

Kristin says:

You look great! Those are very hip mommy-2-be photos. Jasper will be greatful that you took such nice photos of everything before and after :) Hang in there & good luck!

The Rauths says:

those are great self portraits…thanks for sharing.

Emily says:

Awesome. Your belly is amazing. You look amazing. Someday Jasper’s wife will think those photos rock.

ariana says:

Hi Mandoo, thanks! Glad you delurked. Your sammy the cat is adorable, we have a sammy the dog and she’s pretty awesome too. ;)

mandoo says:

thought I’d delurk to tell you how much I love your blog and how amazing you look!

Can’t wait to see jasper on the outside.

ariana says:

Did you see that honey? They said I dropped. Now you can stop asking every 5 minutes ;)

ariana says:

Thanks baby, that made me tear up.. damn hormones!

Jeff says:

Awww, I like looking at you and I think you look beautiful baby!

Farahbeth says:

Great Job on the pictures! You look fantastic. Yes yes you have definately dropped

ariana says:

Thanks Jill! :)

Jill says:

Wow girl, you are all belly and you look amazing! Yes, you sure do look as though you have dropped!

Here’s hoping the next few weeks are too uncomfortable for you! Remember the end result, a beautiful healthy baby!

Keep going strong!

Good luck!