7 weeks and a visit from Grandpa

Jasper is 7 weeks old today. I can’t believe how fast time is flying by..only 5 more weeks until I have to go back to work. More on that later.

But first, some pictures of Jasper and his Grandpa F. who came all the way from Marco Island Florida to meet him:

Poor Grandpa, Jasper was on his worst behavior this weekend.. seriously, it was a whole new level of fussing, and just when we though we were seeing some improvement!

He did have some OK moments like when we all went for a walk and Jeff got to wear Jasper in the tricked out Bjorn that Jay & Sarah gave us for our shower:

Aren’t my men handsome??

I was attributing Jasper’s behavior to the fact that I have a sore throat and though maybe he did too, until I realized today that he is teething already! I can’t believe I missed the signs until now.. a few days ago he started drooling which he’d never done before. Plus he’ll put anything in his mouth to suck on, like the straps of his baby carrier, carseat or whatever is around. All of that would be anecdotal except that I actually can see the whites of at least two teeth pushing up on his lower left gums.

I can’t believe we are going from colic to teething with no break in between!

The past two nights I have given in and stopped trying to swaddle and put Jasper to sleep on his back. He has slept on my chest all night long. We both get MUCH more sleep that way, it’s just that my back starts to ache half way through the night. I think I’d rather have the sleep though.

Also, I am starting to get freaked out that Jasper has to go to daycare in 5 weeks.. he has a lot of shaping up to do before he could possibly be ready. For one thing, he has to be able to sleep on his back, and for another he has to fall asleep other than on the boob or from me bouncing him – at least I assume they won’t have time to bounce him to sleep. At the very least they certainly won’t be nursing him to sleep.

And of course I am completely torn up at the idea that I have to leave him at all.. 3 months just seems so young still for that.

Speaking of young, as in brand new, my good friend and frequent commenter Dawn gave birth to a beautiful baby girl September 22nd.. I just wanted to publicly congratulate her and Walter on the new addition to their perfect little family and say welcome to the world baby Kate!

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kari says:

my husband would be ALL over that bjorn! (he refuses to wear even a plain black one!!)

Ariana says:

@ Lisa, welcome, and thanks for the compliments!

@Heather, Jackie & Jennifer, you are so right.. I didn’t think of it before, but of course the “professionals” at daycare will be helpful in so many ways.

@Dawn, he has changed hasn’t he? He’s so much more a little “man” now!

@Trying2007 it is just FLYING by.. Youre percocet commment reminds me how much I want to hear “part 2” of your birth story!

Natalie says:

Hi there! Your blog pictures are wonderful. I came across your site a little while ago and gave birth last week. My husband and I have been using your breastfeeding/diaper changing chart, so thank you very much. So glad to see your son grow up so healthy :-D

Also, I know what you mean about freaking out about daycare. I know I’ll work and need childcare, but when I look at my daughter, it gives me the heebie jeebies. Don’t worry, you will figure it out.

Best wishes.

tryingin2007 says:

7 weeks? where did the time go? virginia is 6 weeks now and I cannot get over it. I feel like I missed the first 2-3 weeks because of a percocet haze.

oh, and I hear ya on the fussiness. it makes you wonder…

the pictures are great! so sweet!

Dawn says:

You’re so sweet! Thanking you for thinking of us while your world is still spinning. I’m sure Jasper will do great at daycare, and it will get easier on you. Hugs to you!

And am I the only one who can’t believe how much Jasper has changed!? Wow! He’s so beautiful!

heartartz says:

Jasper looks so sweet lying on Grandpa’s chest…just a cutie. And Grandpa seems content to have him there
What a special time for your family.
Yes! Your boys are very handsome.

7 weeks already!
Teething and drooling.
Day care coming up soon.
Wow time is flying by way to quickly!

Enjoy every day that your beautiful family has together.
Much love,

Jackie says:

Hi there!

What beautiful baby boy you have! My daughter also entered daycare (a Montessori daycare) at 3 months and it was hard but it was the best thing ever! They weaned her off a pacifier the first day, played with her, gave her plenty of tummy time…things that I probably would not have done because I would have been carrying her all day instead the moment she would get fussy. It does get better…

Farah says:

Aren’t your men very handsome.

I don’t think Grampa minded jasper’s fussiness. They look very content.

OH this teeth thing is just awful. Alteast you can see teeth pushing up. I think I can but I am unsure.

Jennifer says:

Your photographs are lovely, and your guys really are a handsome duo!

Those child care professionals will whip Jasper (figuratively) into shape in no time. But yes, it’s hard, hard, HARD to even think about letting go of your little one. Yet at the same time, you’ll be glad of the break.

Jill says:

What a handsome little fellow!!! He’s growing so quickly!

How’s mommy and daddy doing with the little one???

Grandpa looks very happy to be spending time with Jasper! Such a sweet picture of them!

Mom Quixote says:

Why do I feel like time is going by so slowly for me and yet your beautiful son is already 7 weeks old??

I can’t believe he’ll be heading off to daycare soon: crazy.

The photographs look beautiful, and you sound happy, though it appears you never catch a break! Keep sharing, when you find the time.

Heather says:

Oh…he’s such a cutie pie! I’m wondering what type of daycare you chose? My little love goes to daycare a few days a week, and I have to say, he loves it, and the people there have given me such confidence. I never thought I’d like a daycare environment…but my mind has changed. AND, as for that behavior/sleeping/etc…the people at daycare are actually really helpful with that. My baby would only nap in the swing before he went, and two weeks into it, he was napping in the crib. No problem mommy! Good luck!

Lisa says:

Hi there,

Congratulations on your beautiful son. I spotted your blog a few months ago when I was flicker hunting for cute nurseries. Yours is absolutely beautiful. My husband and I have been talking about babies lately, but there are a few things we still have to align before that can happen. Wow, I can really ramble. Anyhoo, I was on “Make mine a Mojito”’s blog today and stumbled back on your blog. Just wanted to let you know you have a great sense of style. I will definitely be adding you to my list of daily blog read.

Take care,