Happy Birthday To Me..

I am 35 today..

I don’t usually like birthdays, and anything that ends in 0 or 5 is usually another unwelcome milestone, a reminder that the next big one (40!) is just around the corner. But this one is different.

I found this exchange in my inbox from just before my birthday last year:


>> Hi Babe,


>> Before I get you what I was going to, I figured I better ask if

>> there’s anything specific you want for you b-day?


> A baby??

> JK, I don’t want anything :(


I saw that answer coming a mile away.

Ok you can have a baby… However, isn’t there anything you want that doesn’t require sex on demand?

I have everything I ever wanted… A wonderful, loving and supportive husband, a beautiful home and a precious baby boy. Life is good, even if I’m a little worse for the wear!

I also got a very thoughtful gift from Jeff, an electronic picture frame so that I can have tons of pictures of Jasper to look at when I go back to work on November 10th (so soon!)

But the best part was the card:

How cute is that? ;)

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Jennifer says:

Happy (belated) Birthday. Your letter to Jasper was so dear. Loved reading that.


JustinK says:

Now that you say it, it seems pretty clear. I guess I’m just a little slow :)

ariana says:

Jusink, I think he was trying to find a picture of himself as ridiculous as the face that Jasper made in that picture of him.. I guess the joke was subtle ;)

heartartz says:

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Ariana!
Happy Birthday to you!

Very cute card from your very cute boyz!

Tonya says:

Happy Birthday to you! What a great picture. Neil did something similar for me on Mother’s Day and it’s one of my favorite pictures.

Oh – that is the sweetest thing ever! Happy, happy birthday! I am so happy to hear that Jasper is doing better. Yay for outgrowing colic!

JustinK says:

I feel awful that I missed your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday Ari!!!!! That is a cute card, I wonder if Jeff considered talking another shot of himself or if he was going for the stoned look

ariana says:

Thanks Emily!

Sarah, I was 29 when I met Jeff.. so there’s definitely time :)

Emily says:

That is hilarious and adorable. Happy Birthday! I am so glad Jasper is turning corners!

Sarah says:

I have been reading your blogs for a while now, but haven’t commented until now. Happy birthday. I have to say you are one lucky lady, indeed. I turn 30 next month… no baby, no significant other right now. I hope that when I turn 35, I am in your shoes. Thanks for the happy reminder of why its so great to grow older.