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You don’t find much talk about postpartum.. every pregnant woman is so focused on pregnancy and the actual BIRTH that no one tells you about things like how unbelievably uncomfortable you will be for at least the first 2 weeks, how horrified you will be at the sight of your stomach and how you will feel about your body in general (yes, the 6 month pregnant look was cute when there was actually a BABY in there – without a baby, not so much.)

For a girl who used to have a borderline eating disorder and used to go to the gym sometimes twice a day, I think I’m handling the body issues pretty well, or better than I expected anyway. I attribute this partly to the fact that we don’t own a scale. I used to just weigh myself at the gym, and since my ass hasn’t seen the gym since our pre term labor scare at 30 weeks, I’ve only weighed myself twice since Jasper was born.

Unfortunately, the scale showed almost the same number both times, the first time 138, the second about 3 weeks later showed 134. That means I have 14 lbs to get back down to my pre pregnancy weight.

Granted, I haven’t exactly been trying.. it’s not like I have time to hit the gym though my flabby long neglected muscles are screaming out for some action. We occasionally go for walks, but that’s the extent of it.

All of this is a very long winded way of saying that I am still wearing my maternity pants. Thankfully I live in one of the blessed states that have an H&M that carries H&M Mama (their maternity line). H&M maternity pants are so fabulous in both style and comfort that I just bought two more pairs and plan on wearing them until they no longer fit, even if I do lose that postpartum paunch.

Other than the fact that the cuts are really current/stylish, I also LOVE the belly part which is a soft slightly stretchy cotton, not at all tight. Because the belly flap is so high, the jeans part can be really low rise, which I find to be more figure flattering.

If you have an H&M near you and haven’t checked out their maternity pants, I highly recommend it (the shirts are nothing special). Also, H&M baby has some of the cutest cheapest baby clothes I’ve ever seen..that’s where I got Jasper’s adorable bear hat seen below:

If you don’t have an H&M (Florida friends I am thinking of you here..) I just found some really great things at Target that I’ll share with you.

Mossimo Long and Lean Tanks:

Mossimo Long and Lean Tanks

Mossimo Long and Lean Tanks

I LOVED these tanks before I got pregnant, they are long, but you can wear them shorter just by letting them bunch up a little more in the stomach, but they are so thin than it doesn’t look bulky. Plus, they have narrow straps and the scoop is low cut so its just a really flattering cut.

I loved the tanks even more when I got pregnant – they are SO strecthy and long that they covered my enormous belly even up until the ninth month (and that was the size small too!)

Now that I’m nursing and am always on the lookout for easy boob access clothing, I was so thrilled to realize that these tanks are soft and stretchy enough for me to pull down below my boob. It’s a good thing, because I have so many of them.

By the way, they are MUCH more flattering on in real life than they look on these models.. try them in the store, trust me!

Merona Thermal Tops:

Merona Thermal Top from Target -$12.99

Merona Thermal Top from Target -$12.99

Because the temperature in our neck of the woods just dropped pretty dramatically, I needed something long sleeve to wear around the house that offers easy nursing access. This top does the trick, and again looks MUCH more stylish/cute on than in these pictures. I think they dress these models in clothes that are at least a size too big so everything looks so schleppy!

Now, I figure between these tops and the tanks, I can just throw over any button up sweater and will have a wardrobe this fall that will allow me to nurse/pump with ease.

Target currently has a ton of long button up sweaters like this one:

Tie waiste car coat / sweater

(It looks much cuter not buttoned all the way up) that you can throw over a tank and jeans, or these super comfy cable leggings that look great with high boots:

What the picture (and the description) don’t show is the silver snap details along the sides, which I thought were pretty snazzy:

Snap Detail Leggings

Snap Detail Leggings

That’s it for now, I may add a few more things to my postpartum fall/winter wardrobe, but with our first ginormous day care payment pending, I need to curb the spending!

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madeleine says:

Suggestions on what to wear for upcoming holiday events for mom delivered on 12/5? Bought a sz. lg. lace top @ Target last year, thinking I was being all smart (infinite wisdom of second pregnancy)– but it still seems to cling to the post-baby bulge. Links appreciated. Thanks!

ariana says:

No, I don’t think so!

hejin says:

I’d like to ask about the Target long and lean tank. Could I wear it as a dress? I’m about 5′ 3″.

casacaudill says:

I realized today that Google Reader hadn’t been sending me updates for Becoming Home so I checked over here … I’m so late to the game but MANY CONGRATS on your beautiful baby boy! And um, I think I need that sweater. :-)

Jennifer says:

You JUST had a baby. Please don’t stress out over getting to your pre-baby weight. It will come off in time. And seriously, nursing is like dieting. But remember that you have to eat too. When I went back to work, once I managed to get it all coordinated, I could pump, eat AND read a magazine all at the same time! And I was super skinny. Nurse as long as you can with Jasper; until he starts asking for your boob in public. That’s when I knew it was time to stop with my kiddo. Eek!

Emily says:

you and i are nearly weight twins. i got down to 132 doing NOTHING and that was at the 3 month mark. i felt like a fat lump (but i’m short). normally i weigh about 115. i got down to 122 doing ww which has a nursing moms program. nursing really helps take the weight off.

the last 7 lbs are going to come off with just true grit and determination. it happens but it’s slower going than i expected.

my advice it to nurse as long as is humanly possible and to give it a bit of time. when you go back to work more weight will come off. good luck!

Farah says:

good luck with the weight. boby image and post partum does a number on us. That bear hat is fantastic! makes me wish we had cold weather

Chantal says:

mine get as far as my knees, so you’re both doing better than i am. and i’m not even that big!

ariana says:

Please don’t hate me chantal! ;)

Vtjill, I’m so glad you agree.. and if it makes you feel better, at least you can get them up over your hips. I am not exaggerating when I say I can’t get my old pants over my thighs!

Chantal says:

Let me just tell you that 140 is my almost-unattainable goal weight, and your post about your weight is making me want to hate you. :) I’m positive you look amazing, even with a bit of extra post partum weight on you!

vtjill says:

This is one the many reasons why I love reading your blog! It is so true that no one talks about the postpartum piece very much and they definitely do not talk about postpartum fashion (if you can call it that). I am 4 weeks out from having my first and agree that it’s hard not to get a little down on yourself sometimes when you see your new belly with extra had told you that you would still be wearing your maternity pants for awhile after the birth? I had one person tell me and thank god they did because it would have been an even bigger shock than it already is to me. However, they are just way more comfortable than my ‘real’ clothes (which fit but don’t button…so does that really mean they ‘fit’?) and/or better than buying a size higher. Anyways, sorry for the long comment but just had to say I agree!