Happy 2 months Jasper!

Some photos and a video of Jasper at 8 weeks old..

Dear Jasper,

At 8 weeks you love to lie on your changing table and laugh, “talk” and coo. You also love to lie anywhere that there is a mobile or hanging toy to stare at. You are very social and look everyone right in the eye, often smiling in greeting.  You eat every two hours, sometimes with a snack in between!  You like to bear weight on your legs (you will be standing before we know it!) and grab things like mommy’s hair and earrings. You can hold your head completely up, and you are already getting in your first teeth on the lower left front – months before you should be. Mommy thinks you are very advanced, Daddy thinks mommy is crazy!

You are still bothered frequently by gas, but lately it doesn’t make you as unhappy as it used to. In fact, you are happier now more than you are crying or unhappy!  Somewhere between weeks 7 and 8 you turned a corner, and now your inconsolable crying and fussing is the exception rather than the rule.

Every morning mommy wakes up with your warm little head nuzzled into her neck with a smile on her face, excited to see what discoveries the new day with you will bring!


Your mommy.

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ariana says:

Thanks Kristie! These outfits were Amy Coe from BRU.

Kristie says:

Jasper is just adorable, I can’t wait to check your posts just to see another cute pic of him. (I’ve sent you site address to my husband for the photoshop tutorials – thank You) I did have a question, where did you get those cute rock-n-roll clothes?

ariana says:

Aw, thanks Kiran, I’m SURE you will be! :)

Kiran says:

I love this letter and your site. I hope i can be just as eloquent when i write to my li’l baby. He is almost 11 weeks old today….

he’s so so adorable!

Eva says:

I’m so happy that Jasper is bringing you so much joy now! I always felt so awful for you both that those first weeks were so difficult. My little girl is almost the same age as Jasper and it has definitely gotten easier too. It’s wonderful to watch them grow, isn’t it!

ariana says:

He he, Mel, you’re so right!

Melanie says:

so sweet! he’s adorable… although when he’s older he might not appreciate the fact that you discuss his gas on the internet ;-)

laura jean says:

What a nice post that you can read to him later!

leah says:

These months are flying by! He is so cute, glad he is getting past the super fussy stage!