Nymbler, a Fun Baby Naming Website!

I just discovered this fun little website that is based on the book The Baby Name Wizard which I recommend highly.

Nymbler asks you to enter up to six names you like, and then it will generate a list of names that it deems to be similar to those names.

So for example when I enetered Aurora, Celeste, Esme, Camille, Violet and Chloe, it spat out Estelle, Beatrice, Madeline, Coralie, Rose, etc etc.

Its a fun little toy that I thought I’d share with you all in case you are name challenged as we are – I can’t seem to find a girl’s name I love!

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Melanie says:

I love this site too! We still don’t have a middle name, but it’s fun to see what it comes up with!!

nichole says:

What a cool website…and i’m not even pregnant! I keep entering names and seeing what choices pop up!