Welcome to the World Daphne Lillian!

Click on the image above to see a little video of Jeff holding baby Daphne and here for another one!

New Years Eve was a huge celebration… not only because it was our first knowing that this time next year we’ll have a new addition to the family, but because it turned out to be the day that our dear friends Sarah & Jay welcomed their baby girl Daphne into the world.

We got the call at around 2:30pm that Sarah was in labor and headed to the hospital. We wondered weather the baby would be an ’07 or ’08 baby.. we didn’t need to wait long to find out because at around 5pm we got text picture mail from Jay. We couldn’t imagine what picture he would be sending us, surely it couldn’t be that Sarah had had the baby already??? But yep, she did.

I’m convinced that must be some kind of record or something, particularly for a first childbirth!

The next morning a whole group of us descended on St. Vincents to visit the proud parents.. there were 3 women and two men in our group, all three of the women are pregnant and so we joked with Sarah when we got to the hospital that we would really like it if she would give birth for all of us being that it seems to be a piece of cake for her!

What a wonderful way to bring in the new year with the birth of a beautiful new baby, the first one of four due to join our little tribe this year.

Daphne Lillian Rogers, you will be well loved by so many, not just by those that are here now, but also your future playmates that are eagerly awaiting their turn to join you in this world.

Welcome little one!

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It's Lovely says:

What an adorable baby and I love her name! So sweet!

ariana says:

Hmmm, technology, grr! I know, I can’t believe it’s gone so fast.. and actually, they WERE just getting married not even a year ago! Crazy fertile kids ;)

Dawn says:

AAawwwww! I can’t believe she’s here already! It seems like just yesterday they were getting married. Please give them my congrats. I couldn’t see the second video but she’s precious!