Babies Need a lot of Stuff!

Tracy holding Baby Daphne

My dear and very pregnant friend Tracy just sent me this list of stuff to get for new baby. It was originally sent to her by one of her clients (she is a personal shopper at Saks, how cool of a job is that?) and also vetted by her sister.

I’m posting it here in case it helps anyone else, and also so that I have it to refer back to.. otherwise it may get lost in my inbox.

As I replied to Tracy, I don’t even know what half of this stuff is, so I have a lot to learn over the next 7 months!


Dreft or detergent that is “free” (laundry detergent that is hypoallergenic for babies – have to wash all sheets + clothes with it)
Cotton Balls or rolls of sterilized cotton
Cotton Ball & Q-tip holder
Balmax  (travel tube and tub for home)
Triple paste (at drugstore for serious diaper rash)
Diapers (Pampers Swaddlers)
Nail scissors and file
Nasal Aspirator (hospital gives you one and some drs. don’t recommend them)
Brush & Comb
Aveeno Baby Bath & Baby shampoo (really gentle)
Aveeno  Baby Lotion or Vedababy creams
( – pure/no preservatives)
Eucerin or aquaphor
Thermometer (ear / rectal)
Infant Tylenol
Wipes (Pampers Sensitive or Natural)  best ones are LANSINOH– they don’t have a lot of the chemicals that some babies are really sensitive to, and they are nice and thick.
Diaper Squares for changing table (disposable blue things)
Nursing Pads & Bras (Maternity Store)
Lanolin (for Breasts)
Medela Breast Pump (electric or manual)
Formula (ask pediatrician what kind – Enfamil
Lipil with Iron) –  Formula really should be an emergency-only item; here’s why:
The formula market is HUGE, but the risks are surprising.  40% higher rate of childhood cancers in formula-fed babies, etc.
Add to drugstore list: lots of maxi pads.  (??)


Bottles 4oz and 8oz (Avent or Playtex & some people like Dr. Brown’s – difficult to clean – supposedly helps with gas – ALSO – new brand called Born Free – no plastic preservatives)  _ Adiri bottle is good for breastfed babies

Bottle & Nipple Brush
Bottle Sterilizer  (or you can just boil in a big pot to sterilize) – Medela makes microwave steam sterilizer bags–LOVE these
Bottle Bag – Bag with ice-pack  (you will receive this at the hospital)
Bottle drying rack
Nipple Basket – for dishwasher
Portable Wipes Holder
Sunscreen (not until 6 months)


Bassinette (plus fitted sheets, mattress pads, rubber pads, waterproof pad)
Rocking Chair or Glider (and foot stool/ottoman)
Changing Table, Pad, Pad Covers – a contoured changing pad and cover are great because you can use them on any surface
Mirror – Changing Table
Black & White Toys (developmental toys)
For Crib:
crib mattress, crib bib, rubber pad, mattress cover
Mobile for over the crib
Bedding – sheets, bumpers, blanket, crib skirt
Wedgie – keeps baby on its back in the crib (so it doesn’t roll)
Baby Monitor (Safety First Video monitor is awesome)
Infant Bath & sponge pad in bath for support
Breast feeding pillow/Boppi  (suggested, but not necessary)


Bibs, Burp Cloths, thick towels with head, receiving blanket, miracle blanket, insert, washcloths, a few short undershirts (before umbilical cord falls off), hats, onsies (lots of them), pajamas, stretchies, socks (Hanna Andersson first socks are best).


1st one – Graco Car seat with Kolcraft Universal Snap and Go – can use up until 6 months and great for NYC  – easy to get in & out of cars and cabs. The only concern is that keeping a baby in a carseat for extended stretches is not a good idea– bad for their developing spines.  I’d use a different stroller when possible rather than always defaulting to this

2nd – Maclaren Techno – easy to fold and back goes all the way down for napping – Bugaboo is cool looking (design wise) but VERY difficult in the city if you don’t walk everywhere – hard to fold and takes up a lot of room in your apartment

For Stroller (netting, rain cover, mesh bag, cup holder, SPF sun cover, bundle me)

The challenge with the maclaren is that they are angled in such a way that they are very uncomfortable if  your baby has any sort of acid reflux– will give them very painful tummy aches if they are in it more than a few minutes– we had to get rid of ours and trade it for a P3.  The stokke has gotten good reviews from
urban moms, as has the inglesina line.

Infant car seat (GRACO) & head rest with Kolcraft Universal snap-n-go
Electric Swing (Fisher Price take along swing folds up)
Baby Bouncer (Fisher Price super soft one or the Kick and Play)
Activity play mat / gym (for 3 months & up)

Sling – Bjorn suspends a baby by the crotch– not good for crotch or spine.  There are similar carriers that support the baby under the tush rather than by the crotch that are safer.  Ergo, Beco are the best.  Ergo is also great and is dad-preferred.)
Fisher Price Aquarium for inside crib – plays music and lights up
Graco Porta crib (pack-n-play) & mattress & mattress & mattress cover
Diaper Bag  (Skip Hop – straps on stroller/tons of colors and not so Diaper bag-ish) –
Diaper Genie & refill
Purell or handiwipes for diaper bag

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ariana says:

Thanks for the info Lenai, good to know!

Lenai says:

Nosefrida is the best nasal aspirator, don’t use the one the hospital gives out, it really hurts the inside of their little noses. Dr Sears recommends this one because it is much more safe, and it works fast.

Deann says:

get the electric breast pump ! don’t even think about the manual one. Trust me on this ;)

ariana says:

No kidding! :)

Melanie says:

That’s why I say thank goodness for registries and baby showers!!!!