First O/B Appointment

At 10 weeks and 3 days I met with the OB for the first time.  I hadn’t been to this practice before, I picked them from the list that delivers at the better of the two local hospitals and then randomly picked her because her credentials seemed to be the best.  Dr K. my RE also knows everyone at that practice and spoke highly of them so I hoped for the best..

It was good, everyone at the office was really nice, and my OB Dr. B was very sweet.. though I’m still hesitating about having an OB because I’m deathly afraid I’ll end up with a C section.  With this in mind, I printed up a list of questions to ask from the amazing book “A Thinking Woman’s Guide to Giving Birth” (which if you are pregnant and haven’t read you absolutley must.)

Things like “What is your c section rate? What is your epesiotomy rate? Do I HAVE to have an IV? Can you drink fluids? etc.

The IV answer was good, I don’t have to have one unless I test positive for that Strep B stuff in which case you need IV antibiotics. She said I could drink, she said she can’t remember the last epesiotomy she did, its very rare (that’s great!) but she did say the practices c-section rate was the same as normal (which is a ridiculous 30% or so). When I said 30% she said it was probably more like 25%, which is still way too high as far as I’m concerned.. but she also said that many of those are people asking for first time OR repeat c-sections. I guess a lot of people don’t even want VBACs!

She also said that the hospital has showers so I can take hot showers during labor, and also walk around and use the birthing ball. All good so far… but I’m still torn if I should stick with them or look for a more natural alternative like a birthing center, or a midwife birth in a hospital?

So much to think about.

But anyway, the great news is that we heard the baby’s heartbeat (now that its officially a fetus instead of embryo, I figure its rude to keep calling it “blobby”)  via the abdominal ultrasound! Dr. B was concerned it would be too early to hear it on the doppler, but we heard it pretty much right away.. it was so cool to hear my heartbeat and baby’s (much faster) heartbeat at the same time, it really hits home that there is another little being in there!

She then spoke to me about doing the NT scan which checks for downs, trisomy and a bunch of other scary things and a battery genetic testing since I am Jewish and Jeff is half Jewish. So I have a whole stack of lab orders to go to the lab with and if I test positive as a carrier for anything then Jeff has to go in for the same tests.

I’m really excited for the NT scan because we will get some great images of the baby looking like an actual baby rather than alien, but I’m also nervous about the results of course.. one more thing to worry about! Plus, I’ve been reading some things that make me question the safety of ultrasound exposure for the baby so I’m extra nervous about it. But I figure I’ll just ask the tech to be as quick as possible to minimize the potential risk.

The test is next friday January 25th.. wish us luck!

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