From Blobby to Baby!

NT scan

The NT scan was absolutely amazing.. completely surreal that there is a little baby growing inside me. And unlike my last two ultrasounds where it was just a blob with a heartbeat, becoming-baby actually looks like a mini baby – fingers, toes, face, arms legs and everything!

The baby was moving around so much, waving, kicking, saluting us – you name it – that the radiologist was very relieved when she got the 4 or so still shots of the back of the neck from which to do the NT measurement. The result?

.8mm! Thats really good. She said anything over 1.4 is cause for concern, but I’ve read on the internet that up to 2 or even  3 is within normal range.

She also said she saw nasal bone, which is also an excellent indication that risk of down’s is low. The bloodwork hasn’t come back yet, so I won’t know my official “risk” until next week when she puts in the measurements with the bloodwork and my OB calls me with the results, but at least this part of the hurdle is over.

Other information.. the heart rate is 162 bpm, the CRL measures the baby at 11 weeks 5 days, which is exactly where I am today.  We also saw the kidneys, the brain and the bladder. Well, she saw it and pointed it out. Its amazing what you can see if you’re trained to know what you’re looking at…but even I can tell that the picture above looks like a baby. And a cute one at that!

She wasn’t supposed to tell us anything, but she said it looks very good. We are so relieved and so grateful that as of now, it seems our baby is in perfectly good health. Thank god!

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Nat says:

Congrats Ariana! I’ve been following your story and am so happy for you.

Melanie says:

Yeah, we would have had to do the whole bris thing! Ugh!

Io says:

Ahh! That is *totally* a baby! Wow, how amazing is that? I’m glad everything is chugging along like it’s supposed to.

ariana says:

I think its a girl too! There, I’m on record as saying it. There was an online psychic that said so too.. I’d be happy with either, but at least with a girl I don’t have to deal with the whole circumsize or not issue!

Melanie says:

YAY! It’s a baby!! hehe… Glad everything looks good so far! I’m going to predict it’s a girl! My baby’s heartrate was in the 160’s at the NT scan too :-)
Now relax and enjoy your pregnancy!!!